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7. N'Golo Kante

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I'm in love with N'Golo We got him for the low low I'm in love with N'Golo  

One poor game (his passing was shit yes) and one of our most consistent players this season and reasons why we are top of the league needs a long term replacement. speechless.

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29 minutes ago, BoyBlue96 said:

Watch that spitter Kane win it as he's English...or Zlatan because of his age and the whole media wankfest around that big nosed cunt. 


Kanté deserves it!

I hear ya mate I do but theres still unbiased supporters who dont like them. The Power is loved unilaterally!

Its runs like this that gets me. Its like he passed it to himself


Heres his best bits from the night



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Hazard told Chelsea TV: "I don't need to say something about N'Golo. Everyone knows about him. He's everywhere.

"I think sometimes when I'm on the pitch I see him twice, one on the left, one on the right. I think he plays with a twin.

"He's a fantastic player, he helps the team a lot."


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10,000 miles. He covered 10,000 miles vs. United. Understand that if there was a direct bridge built over the lands, Kante would've run from London to Adelaide in Australia within 90 minutes.

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1 hour ago, LAM09 said:

He's sensational. Best CM in the world right now

What's amazing is, it's by far. By far he's the best midfielder, regardless whether we're talking defensive or offensive midfielder. No other player is consistently playing as-if they could dominate the game in any decade they were plopped in. Nobody else but him. Draw up the all-time XI of any club and you could switch a midfielder with Kante and expect around the same success. Highest compliments have to go to him. He is one of the greatest players of all time and his story is not nor will ever I fear be properly documented.

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Kante is improving the aspects of his game that need improving little by little. Seems to be growing in confidence. Hopefully he keeps refining his offensive play. He has decent dribbling ability and passing range, if Conte can just coach him to be effective in the final third we'll have a legend on our hand. Like Conte said, he needs to improve on his vertical passing and today was very positive in that regards. Tip him to have an even better season next year tbh, with better players, more confidence, more experience at CFC. 

Such a great buy in today's climate. 

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7 months into his Chelsea career and I still can't wrap my head around it, is this guy even real? 

Sometimes I'm truly left speechless by him. His quality on the pitch put aside, his attitude on and outside it impresses me just as much. Such a humble person and a great role model. Long may he stay with us. God knows we're lucky to have him.

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I couldn't have been prouder to have that luvly wee baldy man in our team last night.

To have him put on that show when his cuntryman oppnent that takes his spot in his national team was a complete ghost must have gone along way to turning that around.

He has always been that wind up and lert him go ever ready bunny but now hes adding an attacking spirit to his game Hes not just a CDM anymore 62% of his passes last night were forward. And 48% were to the final third. This is a big thing for us!

The wee baldy man might only be 5'5" but Pog is in his shadow!

Just loved this move!

And to think that some on here not that long ago suggested he could be upgraded.



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