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Robinho or Ronaldinho.?


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Now that Chelsea are off the mark in the Transfer Market, our next POA is to sign a worldclass winger.

2 names are high on list. Robinho and Ronaldino. Both top notch wingers and both brazilian.

Although Ronaldinho is eager to get back in the game and show the world he is one of the top footballers, my Choice is Robinho.

Robinho, is 24, and has not reached his peak and there is every chance on earth that he may well reach his peak at Chelsea under Scolari and I would rather spend 26 million pound on 24 yr old than send 21 million on 28 year old who is past his peak. Not many players reach their peak once they are past it, and that is enough for me to go for a player who has more to offer to us.

Would love to know how many of you are with me on this.

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Robinho for me.

i have followed Ronaldinho for years and think he is a world class player but last season says it all for me!

he is well in to his drink and partying now. bringing him to london where you can party all night every night just would not work.

last year he went to training with barca pissed and half the time didnt turn up so i think a move to london would just finish him off in my eyes. ( AS MUCH I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT KIND OF PLAYER AT Chelsea ) i can just see another sheva happening.

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Yeah, Robinho is a menace :P Likes to cut inside, can play anywhere in attack... He was originally a forward, so he has nose for goal. I remember watching that Raul goal in Champions League, where Robinho made an excellent assist (beat like 3-4 players and Raul had nothing more to do but to roll it in :D) ... Watching that goal I thought man, this boy would be fantastic for us.

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Ronaldinho is getting oldish...he's what like 30 or 31 now? Robinho is younger and might take a few years to adjust to the EPL but I'd rather have him than the old guy.

LOL. He's 28.

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Sign em' both up i what i say. Both are looking likely, especially Robinho the Ronaldinho one depends entirely on Scolari, does he want him? We only know speculation at the moment.

I would definately have both in an instant, but if i was forced to pick one i would go for Robinho.

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the thing is do we want to pay 200k per week for Ronaldinho thats what he is after? i would say pay £80k per week for him if we get him or otherwise go to city and let them pay 200k per week cus he is defo not worth that

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