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Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

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RLC's substition was a fucking joke, a fucking joke. I was screaming at Hiddink just before their goal to make the final sub, delay the game. What is the fucking point of making the sub after the goal for like 30 seconds?? Piss off. I am very happy to see Hiddink go in one week.

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The good:

We played really well in my opinion. Matic seemed way more solid compared to rest of the season. Hazard, just what can I say about Hazard. Pure magic. Nice to see Tammy. Hope we get to see his goalscoring abilities in the future.

The bad:

Not much. The draw was undeserved. Shame to see we had the chance to kill it off but we didnt. That sub at the end was just...no.

The ugly:

Begovic, my friend, what the fuck was that? 

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Wow, what a flunking final result. Just shaking my head at Begovic. Nice assist. Team played more than well enough to win. Missed 3 or 4 chances to go up 2-0.

Oh, well. FFS, the year is just about done mercilessly.

Come on you Chelsea!! 

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Undeserved. I was pleasantly surprised by the performance, as we played as a proper team after a very looooong time. Liverpool made it partially easier for us, but fair play to the boys.
Matic is slowly getting in there, we need to keep him, had a very good first half followed by a poorer second half. Hazard has to show up for the entirety of next season before I'll even consider forgetting about the shameful season he has had.
Abraham! didn't do much but oh well...more minutes please, as well as Traoré and Kenedy.
RLC sub was a joke.

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