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Chelsea 2-2 Spurs


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Words can't describe how I fucking hate those Spurs cunts.

Every single one of them.

I'm so happy to see them losing and us destroying their dreams once again, fuck, the best feeling ever.

Bitches cry yourselves to sleep this night!


Hats off to the boys in the 2nd half. Eden Hazard IS GOD.


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a few weeks ago , i almost hoped for spurs to win the league. but today showed me what everyone else already knew, absolute filth, things don't go their way and they resort to hand stamping, punching, eye gouging. absolute cunts, hope they go bankrupt and all their players succumb to injury. disgusting team, proved they have no business going for titles.

idk why i was so ignorant

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We are fuckin 9th but I was screaming at that Hazard goal as it was CL winner.

I fucking love Chelsea.

I fucking hate Tottenham.

Leicester are champions.


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Tomo, you were right in the end. Didn't look like it for a long while.

Rainieri, congratulations you wonderful man.

Leicester. Wow. This is something you'll always remember.

Hazard's goal was top-notch. The way he set it up and the finish... Sweet.


Have you ever seen Spurs win the league?

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