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The Conte Thread

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6 hours ago, AverageOne said:

First of all, I apologize in advance for my english mistakes i surely will do writing this. I'm italian and juventus' supporter.
And I better clear I love Antonio Conte's way to play much much much more the Allegri's one.

I decided to write beacuse I read something partially right on what happened back in juventus days.

He took an average team to 3 Scudetto in a row, anyway the board and him never got on well.
After first Scudetto he pretended a team ready to fight for winning CL. Board had different plan. The plan was step by step, year after year.

In 2012 he was accused not to report a fixed game he was aware to, when in 2011 was Siena manager. 
He was charge with 10 months ban. He denied, he wanted the trial. Juventus wanted him on the guide as soon as possible, so persuaded him to "negotiate a plea bargain" (not sure if is correct in english). He did it and the ban was 4 months but Conte never forgave juventus board to make him look guilty.

As someone said before, his third year, lost in Istanbul on a pitch not good for rugby. Players had not enough self esteem to play CL at high level, not Conte fault then. That year juve had a really good team, one of the best in europe : buffon, bonucci, chiellini, barzagli, lichtsteiner, vidal, pirlo, pogba, asamoah, tevez, llorente/vucinic.

Here is where something starts going really bad.
Juve is in EL, that year final was gonna be played in Turin (at home)!! Juve easily went on semifinals, Benfica-Juve 2-1 and Juve-Benfica 0-0 meant no final.
One can say, yeah it can happen, right but the problem is players played those two matches tired, really tired because Conte wanted more than anything else to make more than 100 points in the league. He did it: 102, record likely will never be beaten.
The man pushed to much, that wasn't wise, everyone knew but him.

He wants 100% every match, from begging to end, wonderful to watch, I appreciate that, but has consequences.

At the end of the season rumors says he went to the board, said many player were old and after 3 years like those couldn't be at the same level (motivation and physical), so the next year he left the board two choices. 
1) another year with those old players and buy some top players to win CL  
2) sell the old players and restart with a new young team with no pressure from the board to win the league soon again.

He waited since July!! and then decided that the board (which was not agree with him old players couldnt continue some years at the same level) didnt make enough to figth for CL and left.
That year Juve bought Coman, Pereyra, Evra, Morata. Board went its way, step-by-step. What we know is that Evra and Morata were Conte's choiches. My speculation is that Conte got angry with the Morata affair. Juve bought Morata with 'recompra' clause meaning in his eyes juventus being a real madrid 'B team' not a contender.

Board pretended to, yeah, listen to Conte but then buy what they wanted. Conte wasn't always right, he wanted Giovinco back in Juventus (similar affair ManU-Pogba) for a lot of money and Giovinco never was good enough, and all juventus fans already knew that. 
After he left Juve made two CL finals in 3 years with the old players he said couldnt last some more years at the same level. 
Conte wasn't always rigth.

Conte and the board separated in the worst way possible.

I do not think he'll move to Inter next year but...
1) He said once he's a professionist and will not be a problem to be even Inter's manager
2) He appreciate Sabatini and he wanted to bring him to Chelsea
3) Take revenge on Juventus' board.
4) a lot of money

I can tell you, if he'll stay to Chelsea this summer he'll pretend Morata and Naingollan or Vidal. Why am i sure?
He sometimes got obsessed with some players, for example he loved Giovinco, Giaccherini not two players at juventus level, and got angry when juve sold Giaccherini.

He's the best one but he think he's always right and no one is.


I do think that Conte will be very depressed if Allegri manages to win the Champions League with Juventus because it will completely overshadow Conte's achievements at Juventus. The popular opinion under Juve fans has become that "Conte was a flop in Europa and Allegri is better tactically." 

I disagree on that. Allegri is good but this is still Contes team for the most part and still his philosophy. 


I would also feel very betrayed by the Juventus board with the lazy way they handled Contes requests. Morata deal never made sense with that buy back clause. A buy back clause is kinda like letting a player go out on loan and recall him if he impresses. Something Morata did so Real activated the buy back clause  

Conte brought Juventus back to the very top on his own. If Conte never stepped in to manage you guys I think you would be on level with Milan and Inter nowadays. So yeah it's depressing to know that the Juventus board never rewarded Conte for his achievements by getting the players he wants. It's even more depressing to see that nowadays Juventus actually throw money around and buy Higuain for 90m and Pjanic for a lot of money from their direct competitors. 


And I think the same thing is going on at Chelsea because we don't have the best board around. We sacked a manager who won the double in his first season and finished second in his second season (Ancelotti), Di Matteo after the UCL win and Mourinho 2 times but that was justified. 

Mouringo got fucked over by our board in the summer of 2015 with the John Stones saga and also didn't get his requested targets. 

So only fair play to Conte for keeping our board on the edge because I wouldn't trust them either. They already have a poor image regarding backing managers and Conte of course has a bad history with it at Juve. 


We can only blame our board if he leaves us anytime soon. 

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Hello, I am a Juventus italian fan and maybe I can help you to understand which kind of coach Conte is...(sorry for my english, I hope you will understand) When he arrived in Juventus, he fo

I think the fact that we stuck to our principles, pressing them high up the pitch in spurts throughout the game and more importantly, passing out from the back, even with a few mistakes (note - it goe

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"This season my expectation was a great challenge in this League against Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool. Next season for us it will be the same.
"But we have one year to work and then the possibility to go into the market and choose the right players on my idea of football."

He will stay. 

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1 hour ago, Beigl said:

He will stay. 

Of course he will stay :)) it was never a question, unless our board chooses to be a jerk intentionally, he will stay and try to compete for CL at least for one year. Inter milan currently is a mess, whoever manages them would need two or more years to settled, providing he has not been fired yet :))

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One day he will return to Italy we have a story to finish at Juventus. But for now and for the coming years he is the King of London at football level.

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Would be super hype if the club announced a new contract for Conte on Saturday after we win the title. A nice, big fuck off to Inter!

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Would be super hype if the club announced a new contract for Conte on Saturday after we win the title. A nice, big fuck off to Inter!

He has a two year contract. Why would he want to leave for starters unless he's homesick (haven't heard anything)?
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On 9. 5. 2017 at 11:05 PM, Leif said:

Or he goes back to Juve. He'd have no reason to move on to a rival of ours; he's won the league and made the bond with us. It'd be really cool for him to go back if he had to leave us.
He isn't the PSG type, or Paris type, at all.
Barcelona wouldn't go for him.
But, Madrid won't have many options when Zidane's gone - who can we name right now? If i was their board and mulling over Zidane, the
only managers out there I'd like the look of & trust would be Conte and.. i'm struggling to think of anyone else at all.
He won't manage a Juve rival, and while he's romantic I doubt he'll manage a tiny team in Italy.
Then the only other club on this tier to choose from really is Bayern. It'd be a sensible but lacklustre move.

Regardless, he's got the greatest odds of any coach to last here up to 8 or so years imo.

Tbh I dont see Conte as man who would leave us for Real. Unless obviously things went south between our board, players and him. But as long he is doing good job and gets the support, I can see him for a while. Certainly until he completes his mission here, I dont see him leaving as soon as Real calls.

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Change of formation is the reason we've won the league, so huge credit to him for making the change.

On course for the double and two league records in sight. An amazing debut season no matter what.

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what am amazing first season he´s had in England with us, he saw what was wrong after the defeats to Liverpool and Arsenal, he changed the system of the team and never looked back, finally champions,  what a magnificent job he did and there is still a lot more to come from him with us i hope, lets finish off the league games and then focus on the FA Cup to try and win the double. All hail Conte

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Only haters will say we were lucky because of no European football.


Fuck off. We all had fears we wouldn't even finish in the top 4. Conte pulled a master class. So grateful that he is our manager.

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