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Aston Villa v Chelsea


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21 hours ago, LeonDavis23 said:

Oscar to consolidate his place for a run of games


21 hours ago, Blue_Fox_ said:

Courtois will concede at the near post.

Good prediction guys, but nothing to be proud of. All of us here know this is bound to happen. :)



Azpi Ivanovic JT Baba

Mikel Cesc

Willian RLC Kenedy


Unfortunately, we all know the exact shit that Gutless hiddink will serve us.

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4 hours ago, Special Juan said:

Villa will score and we will make them look like Barcelona for the first time this season.

 Yep. Cahill and Ivanovic will get spun around or caught terribly out of position and they'll score. We'll be lazy and going through the motions.

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A no win situation. We either win against a woeful team that gets us nowhere, get a draw against said woeful team, or lose and suffer more misery at the hands of this horrible season. To make things worse, the team will remain unchanged, save for an international break injury.

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I think finishing in a Europa League place would force the club to make more signings to cope with the added fixtures so I want us to finish as high as possible. Would also be hilarious if we finish above Liverpool and Everton which is possible.

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