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Tactics/Formations thread


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I think it would be worthwhile to see if we can play the following formation as I believe it suits our teams strengths while incorporating Luis and Cesar as solid wing backs. Hazard can play behind Costa in a free role to destroy the opponent's defence opening up space and playing in team mates and scoring a few himself.


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Football manager hat on...If it isn't broken don't fix it, don't want to do a MU and play something ridiculous like 3-5-2 do we...

Only change it if it isn't working, atm only 2 defeats in the last 30 games so it is fine. Obviously when we are chasing a game the formation might have to change to 442...etc when we need 2 ST on the pitch.

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the 4-2-3-1 is the new 4-4-2 if you look closely at it and we'll ever only use that or 4-3-3. Changing things so drastically just confuses players like how Man City used to try it. Man Utd players seem to hate their 3-5-2 too.

That formation (if you're actually serious) has no width. We'd get torn to pieces.

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I think it could be an interesting variation for important matches. Not for our style / philosophy of daily game, only for certain important moments of the season.

If we observe as Jose plays every match, he uses his left-back or right-back and central (only in defensive moments, defense) and uses his midfielders as false defenses. He swung / changes his defense in function as we defend of our rivals. It is like if he used a accordion (metaphorically).

The defense swung / changes from one side to another in function of our defensive interests.

Option 1 (Only in defensive plays).

Ivanovic (False CB) - Cahill (CB) - John Terry © (CB)

Willian (False RB) Azpilicueta (LB)

Fabregas - Matic

Option 2 (Only in defensive plays).

Cahill (CB) - John Terry © (CB) - Azpilicueta (False CB)

Ivanovic (RB) Matic / Hazard (False LB)

Willian - Fabregas

I repeat, this is the way in which we stand on the defensive plays. Only in those cases. Jose always plays big games with a false defense of three Centre-back (One of them a false Centre-back) and a false Left-back or a false right-back in function as our opponents attack us.

The proposed by forum member Parky is that we play in our starting eleven with a defense of pure specific 5 players at each position (RB) + (CB) + (CB) + (CB) + (LB).

I think it might be an important games such as the Champions League match against PSG at the Parc des Princes (Away) approach. This type of games are defined by small details, and have a safe defensive wall could be interesting for us.


1. We lose an attacking player.

2. We changed our usual game system.


We have a virtually unbreakable wall of security.

2. We take advantage to Filipe Luis.

3. Players like Hazards, Fabregas, Diego Costa ... They are more released into the pitch. This type of players with greater freedom, they play better.

4. We do not play with Mikel.

5. We generate more spaces, and our attackers play better with spaces. Fabregas with Diego Costa ...

6. In matches outside The Bridge or complicated matches is better have a defensive unit with good performance guarantees. This may slow down the game and that benefits us to not cause a crazy game, and we can have controlled the tempo of the match according to our own interests.

7. Besides we use Filipe Luis. We may give more minutes for Zouma.

8. Maybe Azpilicueta is better as a right-back than Ivanovic.

I insist. Only games away from The Bridge and tough matches. Normally I prefer to play in defense with 4 players.

Hypothetical option.

Ivanovic (CB) - Cahill / Zouma (CB) - John Terry (CB) ©

Azpilicueta (RB) Filipe Luis (LB)

Fabregas - Matic

Oscar / Willian Hazard

Diego Costa

A very interesting debate.

I hope your comments.

Regards to all.

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That formation looks more defensive IMO, especially with the two fullbacks playing as wing backs.

Yes, I agree with your opinion. But only serious for certain parties (PSG in Champions League Away) and at certain times. No serious an approach to every matches.

But I think I'd rather put Ivanovic as a Centre-back and we take advantage to put Filipe Luis and Azpilicueta than put Mikel.

Jose has used Mikel in many matches. I think he is not a good solution.

So if we have this kind of defense, Fabregas and Matic could play more comfortably.

In addition, Azpilicueta and Luis Filipe not play as wingers, they would play at right-back and left-back respectively.


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I suggested this formation more as an extra option to have than to play week in week out.

Luis and Cesar would give us the width in attack and come back to defend when needed and they are both good enough to excel as wing backs. Also Ivanovic is now getting older i'd prefer him to play as CB.

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Not a fan of the 3-5-2, not with this defence anyway.

A 3 centre back partnership of Terry, Cahill & Ivanovic makes me worry. Ivanovic's instincts seem to take him forward and I don't think he's got the discipline to stay back, also I question his defensive abilities anyway.

Maybe with the right personnel. I just don't think the EPL is the right league to play this formation though.

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Not a chance in hell. Cahill playing left centre-back means he will be isolated in 1v1 situations when Luis goes forward. This is an absolute no for me. In a 3 at the back formation your two wider centre-backs need to be good with the ball. We don't have any.

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