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Chelsea v West Ham


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Can we atleast now play some youth. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CAN WE?

GUTLESS GUS will probably play mikel-matic and say all the shit about us "fighting" for the CL spot.

I would love to see this team


azpi Miazga JT baba

RLC Matic

traore Cesc Kenedy



grow a fucking pair GUS.

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We got 40pts,if we get in Europa league nxt season i'd want to use it for youth/experience,and if we don't get in it then i'd go phew tfft.So the last 9games lets have fun ffs lets try new formations and players and give us Cfc supporters somethingthingthing !!!Ktbffh.

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If we select the same fucking players and no youth, then i for one will give these no good multi-millionaires a well deserved booing. Too long have we supported them getting nothing in return. Time for these players to be shown how shit they really are. Maybe that would wake them up. Look what booing has done to CR and bale.

What a train wreck we have become. What a Shame!!!

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Only reason we have a slim chance of a point here is because we're at home and will want to make up for that shit on a stick week we just had. If this were at their place we'd lose this 3-0 or something.

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