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Robin van Persie


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OMG. I can't even understand why would we have such targets for our transfers. It looks like we have perfect squad and we just fill the holes in our team. We need someone who can bring us up in the table and win us the FA at least. Instead we are selling Ramires, probably Remi too and we are signing with Pato and are interested in rvp?? We already have Falcao for f8ck sake.
It really looks like Emelano has found Carlo's shortlist....

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Yeah, sure, why wouldn't we? This season alone, we've already actually paid money to acquire the worst player in the league last season in Falcao, extended the contract of the worst player in the league this season in Ivanovic and then signed another has-been striker with one of the worst injury records at the top level and who has not played since November. 

This wouldn't even be one of weirder decisions this season...and we wonder why we're in 13th!! 

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Okay, Falcao has been terrible, but it was a low risk move again.  We didn't pay a loan fee, and he's on 50% of the wages he was on a Monaco.  It's still overpaying, but it hasn't cost us that much.  Though, we have agreed £38M if we want to make it permanent (don't even joke about it).




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