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Scolari calls Chelsea stars back from holidays early

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Luiz Felipe Scolari has written to his Chelsea stars telling them to cut short their holidays - because he is starting work a week early.Scolari issued the shock demand to the players not involved in Euro 2008 and expects them in for pre-season training on Monday, July 7.

He only finished his involvement with Portugal last week but is keen to crack on with his new job.

Because Chelsea did not get a new manager until recently they had been planning to return later than their rivals.

But Scolari is refreshed after a swift break and wants to get back into action sooner.

Source: The Mirror

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Well he's due to officially start work on the 1st July anyway, so its hardly shocking news, he'll want to grips with the squad asap to see what he needs to do to rebuild/reshape or whatever he has in mind.

Also it'll give the press an opportunity to create all sorts of rumors that he's axing this player or that player :rolleyes:

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The sooner the better, most of the players have had a lot of time off now, and the sooner we get started on Pre Season the better, especially with a new manager in charge. There are plenty of things to get sorted, contracts, players leaving ect....

It will be good for them to get back and to get things moving finally.

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Chelsea TV have been saying that pre-season training starts on the 7th for a while now anyway, so I don't think this story is true.

Well that wouldn't shock many people :)

Will just be good to put all the speculation to bed and start organising for next season. Scolari will have a week from when he starts to the start of pre season training.

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During that week, I am sure we will see a fair bit of activity in the transfer market. Scolari will have watched us closely as he apparently new well in advance that he would be with us. So he will know who he wants to keep and who he doesn't.

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