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Tottenham v Chelsea


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Urghhhhhhh.Be nice if can make it 2 league wins in a row/in a month but doubt it.Hopefully be proved wrong but lately we are so shit against Spurs.Nothing surely can be worse then 5-3...if play like today towards the end have a good shot..dont do the dodgy defending however!

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Trips to Spurs, Leicester and Utd in the next six games. You couldn't write this stuff. I think the home games will be won but the away games will be lost. 9 out of 18 doesn't help much.

That final ball is so terribly lacking at the moment. Practically nothing happening from open play this season. Spurs will score. If the team could somehow keep them to a single goal and manage a goal at the other end. I hope 1-1 but I think 2-0 or 3-1. A spanking would be horrible after two wins.

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We have a 2 day recovery advantage over the Spurs ,, It is always stated as a great advantage

not sure about this. they always rest players in EL:

The thing is, Leicester aside, they are the most in-form team in the league and will come out all guns blazing. Remember how they dismantled ManCity with their pressing and sharpe passing right through the middle? They will be eager to expose our weak centre just as they did with West Ham, who themselves proved to be in much better shape than us. IMO the best we can get here is a draw and if we get the chance to do so we should grab it with both hands. Similar to the tactics applied at liverpool 2014, we should be out to frustrate them, stem their flow, not try to match them punch for punch with end-to-end stuff this what they want and what they are better at than us. Fabregas and Oscar can not play both, it would impede our ability to get out of the blocks with their lack of strength, close control and pace. RLC however excels when gettint the ball deep in our own half and driving it forward with his dribbling and size. If he can get his tackling/pressing right he can be an outlet to shield that shaky defence of ours. I'd be tempted to play 5 defenders but given we do not know whether Terry is fit I'd go with






needless to say that playing Iva again would be suicide. Spurs are not particularly tall anyway and with RLC and Remy we got 5 outfield players above 6ft which should suffice. Actually I noticed that this height issue can not really be a problem anymore. I noticed teams who used to have big players like Liverpool, City and even Norwich are getting shorter every year. Obviously quality increasingly overrides size as it should be in such a skill-reliant sport.

Back on topic, Remy is the striker we need, his pace will carry him past the often pushed up defensive lines of the Spurs and other than costa, he will not dive when through on goal. Last year this time he made Vertonghen his bitch and he will do so again. But our most potent threat are Willian's set pieces and we should be anxious to obtain as many freekicks and corners since - if u haven't noticed yet - we don't create many chances from open play and score even more scarcely from them. However, the most vital is Mourinho. He has to prepare the squad tactically and mentally not to crumble under pressure and once again lose our arduously gained momentum.

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Azpi gc iva baba

Zouma matic

William cesc hazard


Defensive and negative - I know. But even aviv carved our midfield open time and again. Not an encouraging sight. Need to shore up the defence and the mid.

Oscar and Costa are a definite No.

Zouma to hopefully repeat the job he did against eriksen in the carling cup final. Well, fingers crossed.

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Only 4 posts in here so far while the post-Maccabi Tel-Aviv thread is going into overdrive mode because of the permutations...

You can thank Porto for that lol never expected them to lose to Kiev, expect them to play the game of their lives against us, just like Newcastle usually do, you can just feel it, typical, i just hope the team is focused and ready when the time comes and do their job on Porto and win to avoid embarrassment.

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Last two games we have played some good stuff. Last night was a good momentum thing, we should go into this pretty confident but the key being not cocky nor under estimating the opposition. MP has them playing very well and Kane is back firing again, I said before, I think we will definitely concede and it will be more a case of how many but most of all this would be a huge win.

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