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The Mourinho Thread

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Go back and read what you initially jumped in on.

I didn't read the discussion, commented on the bolded part regarding Mata. Mourinho is obviously entitled to any job he gets offered after getting the sack

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I love how the media have even managed to brainwash even a section off our own supporters with this bus parking bollox, it's truly unbelievable. The games in question mainly were Old Trafford, The Em

I'm genuinely surprised by how some don't seem to realize how bad the situation really is. This is by far worse than any of the 'bad runs' by any of our previous managers. It's our worst start to a se

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We was doing good before he came.

And we can do good after he's gone.

We won the EPL once under Carlo in 2009... We won the EPL with Mourinho in 2004 and 2005 and won it again with Mourinho in 2014....

So where was we good before he came? Come'on be honest we've only one it once (Championship) without him since 1954

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Let me go and buy Rhino's Skin some tissues to wipe the tears away due to the decimation that insult has caused.

I'm sure he will not be able to leave the house for at least a week!

distraught...but even the sarcasm of this was lost on him
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Some of our fan are absolute retards. The atmosphere will be so toxic tommoro,i wouldn't even be surprised if they boo the players. These idiot don't understand that there beloved Mourinho would take the Manchester United position without a thought if it were offered to him.

Crap, complete and utter crap. Ferguson, when interviewed a few months ago, stated that Utd didn't approach Jose because he had made it clear previously to Ferguson that he wanted to return to Chelsea. In effect, the job was his, and he refused. Whatever he does now, I wish him well, except if he went to Tottenham.

The players should get dogs abuse tomorrow, points are secondary to moral ethics.

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Jose Mourinho snubbed by handful of stars as sacked Chelsea boss says goodbye in farewell speech following his dismissal. #CFC (Mail)

Jose Mourinho made an emotional speech to some of #CFC's players after returning to the club's training ground for a final farewell (Mail)

Mourinho was allowed back into the complex to thank remaining loyal players for their hard work. But not all #CFC' top stars were present.

Mourinho addressed #CFC players and reminded them of what it took to be winners last season when they landed the Premier League & Cup (Mail)

Mourinho expressed disappointment that they have failed to build on last season's success. #CFC (Mail)

It is understood that Jose Mourinho wished Chelsea players well and thanked them for their support last year. #CFC (Mail)

Disgrace! :rant:

but but but.. the players had no role in the sacking and they were completely behind him.

now i know what they were doing from behind.

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Mourinho developed a relationship with the fans which is why we sung his name relentlessly. His personality both reverberated and informed the existing personality of the Chelsea support. Roman simply hasn't done that, nor has he made any attempts to engage with the fans. In fact the one time he needed to do that in 2011, he tried to steamroller the very fans who SAVED this club 30 years ago.

That stuff actually matters on a personal level, whether you accept it or not.

How about we apply that concept to both parties? And to Matic, Cesc, Costa et al?

That camp obviously has to believe that because they've ultimately got what they want but I think there's a hardcore of support who feel betrayed. They put their voices firmly behind Jose every matchday (and I've seen them catch some stick on here for that which is laughable) and the club have disregarded that.

I think betrayal is perhaps the best word for the way a lot of fans are feeling and there's a gradual realisation that the club that they once had has disappeared. The problem is that a lot of those fans are also amongst the CPO and there will be a reaction when the club comes to them.

Out of interest, if you're a CPO member what is your feeling on the matter?

Mourinho slated the fans too and I certainly didn't find that personal in the least. I don't recall Roman doing that at all.

What I do find personal is a man who sunk in a billion pounds of his own money to save the club and build it to what it is today.

Roman's a club owner, not a cheerleader and even then he has done enough of that with his whopping and high fiving at matches when the team is winning.

You wish to start a Roman out campaign? Or are you going to switch allegiance to whichever club Mourinho joins?

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