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The Mourinho Thread

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That's up for debate. But surely the league title and League Cup he won for us FIVE MONTHS ago won't be his last pieces of silverware in his career.

The last pieces of silverware in his Chelsea career probably. I won't care about him when he's gone, as long as he's far, far away from the club.

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I'm genuinely surprised by how some don't seem to realize how bad the situation really is. This is by far worse than any of the 'bad runs' by any of our previous managers. It's our worst start to a se

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are the current players doing it? what is our current positioning in PL? how many matches have we won this season? what has been our performances this season? how has our attacking play been? how is our defensive system?

whats the point of posting, so and so is supporting jose. what comes out of it? we have become a joke, yet just because someone says that they are supporting jose that means everything will be fine, right?

I dont want jose to go. cos i dont see how any manager in the world is going to win the next 23 out of 27 games to get us the top4. there is no point. the point of no return was last international break. now just bear with jose for 7 more months. and then sack him with a definitely lessened severance pay.

Give up on top 4 this year as it will easier on your health. You think 80 points is needed for fourth? Probably need 19 wins and 2 draws in the last 27 to get fourth with 70 points.

Not going to happen with Mourinho not likely to happen with anyone else either.

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Lampard is also supporting Mourinho

Even if he was not supporting him, he would not come and say he has to go. These quotes from our players or former player don't mean anything. Because they are major figures in the world of football, it is not their duty to say they should do. Now if they were pundits with no football backgrounds, that is when you will hear people saying Mourinho should go. A lot of our players and former top players say these things for the sake of it.

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Now that all this about him leaving regardless of results confuses me.

Consider this, what if that's true and (bear with me here as I know this is highly unlikely because of recent performances) we give Stoke a good hiding. Apparently the club have made their decision, but wouldn't that cause one hell of a backlash. More so than just getting it over with now if that;s what they;ve decided.

It's obviously all made up. Ask yourself this: how would some attention-seeking journalists know information like that and not Mourinho? Why would he stay if he is "gone regardless of the upcoming results" and endure the humiliation? If that would be the case he'd resign, would be much better PR from his stand point.

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It's a fucking disgrace if it's even halfway true. Any players who do this to any manager, but particularly one with his pedigree, are arseholes. How dare they let the club and especially the supporters down like this. If they don't like the manager and style, then leave, it's very simple. Bet they were thinking about our negativity while taking their 500 selfies with the PL trophy after the Sunderland game. Cunts

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