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The Mourinho Thread

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I'm genuinely surprised by how some don't seem to realize how bad the situation really is. This is by far worse than any of the 'bad runs' by any of our previous managers. It's our worst start to a se

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As talksport just said, Mourinho should just do the decent thing and resign. He has embarressed himself, the club and the fans. This is a manager who already had a suspension looming over him and then he went and behaved shamefully against WHU that the FA have now resorted to stop him even entering a stadium. How often do you get a manager being ommitted from the stadium? Just shameful. His behaviour has been nothing short of disgraceful. We might actually have chance of winning that game with him not on the touchline. He just is creating a negative atmosphere around the club and it is taking its toll. He obviously is on borrowed time but really he should just resign. Not just based on results but all the drama he has caused since the start of the season. We don't need this. I just think the fact he knows he will be gone soon, he just don't give a fuck and I am worried about how he sets out the team because in the end of the day he has nothing to lose. We need to win on Wednesday and I don't want a manager who is likely to be gone soon to be taking charge in a must win game. His decisions this season such as humiliating Matic against Southampton is proof that he just don't give a fuck no more. I want someone in charge who has the club's best interest at heart.

I am yet to see people do the "right" thing and leave (a lot of) money on the table. Would you do it? Would I do it?

Especially when the point is to make more money? These guys are professionals and they don't do this for charity.

We don't know whether he has humiliated these players for no reason or he is responding for the fact they haven't been running for him.

Difficult for us to know, but insiders might.

Like I said, tough decision for Roman.

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I did read it and the reason doesn't really make sense to me. "Minimize damage?" If the players have already stopped playing for him and everyone knows he's a dead man walking, they may as well sack him now.

As I said this morning, I trust Dan Levene as a source, but I'm not sure it's as 100% set in stone like he thinks.

No reason to discuss this any further. We will discover if he is right or wrong in few days.

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Of course it's a rarity because no club bar United ever cared to give it a fair go. I'm not debating that the chopping and changing of managers can be successful, there's plenty of evidence showing it can. I'm saying that it's a nonsense to crow on about stability and lingevity if every bump in the road results in a managers head rolling. And just because other clubs have never managed to do it doesn't mean it can't be done, similarly United's situation doesn't mean it's the best formula. But if clubs are going to try it and fans are also up for it then it needs to be seen through rather than bucked the moment things get a bit hairy.

Did the club actually come out and state they were looking for someone to appoint for a long term job? It wouldn't even make sense, it would have to be earned.

I don't think the words of fans count. Opinions will differ among that very same group of fans and we're too emotional when it comes to our club. And we as fans look from the outside in, ignorant to many factors that play a part in every decision.

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In my opinion, this rot set in when Bradford turned us over. As far as I am aware, Jose hasn't been giant killed while being in charge of Chelsea or any of his previous positions. To be 2-0 up then collapse in the way they did was frankly just fucking ridiculous. While the aura of invincibility started to wane, the tactics the team were sent out to play at The Bridge against PSG was simply regressive and unacceptable. PSG are a team full of talent, no doubt whatsoever about that, but were we, at that time, not as good, if not better?? Go out, attack, dominate, put them on the back foot should have been the way forward.

The criticism the team faced after those two performances, I think, had the players starting to look at one another. Beating the Y*ds in the League Cup Final was, for me, an unexpected bonus as I genuinely feared that we would lose. Credit to the players for stepping up in such a fashion but the handbrakes were well below par. That, for me, was the last hurrah for Jose and this group. I appreciate the fact that we went onto win the league but with each passing game, it was a struggle, a real, real struggle. Of the run in, only Leicester away was anything like back to our determined best. We won the league by a few points, but we really did drag ourselves over the line. Swansea away was our last class, dominating performance.

This season has been the worst I can recall since Porterfield. There is zero heart, soul, passion or determination on show. Jose has been at fault on many occasions, his strop about Eva was absolutely risible, the late start to pre-season, and the transfer activity over the last 18 months has proved to be largely inadequate. Costa hasn't performed since January, Fabregas and Matic dipped around the same time, Letting Schurrle go and replacing him with Guardado was just plain stupid. Allowing Mata and De Bruyne to leave was an error of judgement and Djilobodji???? really??? back up player maybe, but this is our worst defensive record since Hollins and he still can't get a look in, so why bother? Is he any better than Kalas? Ake? Christensen?

For all the chaos Jose has caused, the players should be ashamed of themselves. Hazard's performance against Victimpool was a crime, an absolute insult.

Anyway, on a lighter note:

I was in Liverpool yesterday when I thought i had seen a superhero as a man ran down the street with a cape. Turned out that it was just another scouser who had not paid for his haircut. :D

Where have you been mate?

Last time I remember reading your post was when the fat waiter was still at SW6. We were slagging him off together :D Anyways completely spot on with the comment.

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