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Eva Carneiro Leaves Chelsea


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Sad to see her go. I really feel like there is a lot more to the story that is kept internally, and as a result people everywhere speculate based on what outcome they would like.
Either way she seemed to me like a fine doctor and role model, and unless it turns out otherwise, this is a loss to Chelsea.

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Lovely. The massive avoidable crock of shit brought onto the club by José has reached it's peak and now the court case will drag out for months, maybe even years.

She is 100% right. It really is a disgrace to treat a doctor like that for doing her job. Really stupid from José.

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Mourinho always gets someone fired (or let go, for the politically correct crowd) at a club. You should always save up when he comes around.

I'm going to miss seeing her bum/butt/behind/ass/booty/buttocks, whichever you prefer. That's probably a sexist thing to say. But yeah.

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Good at what she did so I'm sad to see her go but she's a moron for making it personal with that stupid facebook post. Now refuses to come back to work and leaves the club, a little bit childish methinks. Everyone can get criticised when they make a mistake in the job and she should have dealt with it professionally rather than petulantly.

While Mourinho was obviously a little heavy handed with his anger at the time he didn't say anything disrespectful after, just that the medical team shouldn't be so naiive.

Hopefully this non-story dies now and all of the hand-wringers with their faux-outrage can stuff off because we all know no-one would have given 2 shits if this was a bloke and the only reason such a big thing has been made out of it is because she's an attractive woman.

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Good, we don't need celebrity doctors.

Jose enabled her to become a "celebrity", other than that she was doing her job quietly. And people giving her slack for that facebook post, get a grip of your hindsight selves. She obviously wasn't used to such attention and was writing out of emotions which you expect from a person without media training. And who put her in media spotlight? Jose, in the end it is his fault. All she basically said was "thank you for your support, it means so much". He even escalated the situation by banning them from going to games. People these days... so sensitive to random bullshit, Jose firsthand. He may be a brilliant manager, but he can be an absolute cock of a person by the looks of it.

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