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Roman Pavlyuchenko

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Not linked with Chelsea but I would like to see this guy wearing a Chelsea shirt. He's scored some fantastic goals for a very impressive Russia side at Euro 2008. Sell off Pizarro and bring in this guy. A good £15m or up deal to Spartak Moscow, and a 4-year-contract subject to a work permit will do the trick. Our new number 9 before the new season starts. Any thoughts??

Bearing in mind also, Abramovich would welcome players from his native county with open arms so it could be a way in if we do decide make an approach.

To summerise.... Pavluchenko is an awesome player and I'd love him at Stamford Bridge!!


PS: Villa wants to stay at Valencia!

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Very wary of signing players on the basis of a good international tournament. It doesn't always mean too much as we have seen over the years. Some of the best players in the world do not perform and some of the more average players play fantastic.

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I just looked on Wiki at their ages. Pavluchenko is 26 and Arshavin is 27 - not sure about you but I don't think they'll improve much from now. They are probably in their prime thriving off Hiddinks great management.

Roman is not a very quality striker, I think. He is good for the russian championship, but Pogrebnyak is better. You could see him in the UEFA Cup this year, when he scored two goals to Bayern on Petrovskiy stadium. He is not playing on the Euro because on injury.

Arshavin is 27 year old, you are right, and he was a leading star for Zenit for many years, but now he won all the trophies in Russia and wants a new challenge. To be hornest, his favourite club is Barca, and if they decide to buy him his dreams will come truth. And all of this years he was one of the best players in russian championship and best russian player.

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