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Would loosing Lampard be a Blessing in Disguise?


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I've been thinking that if we lose Lamps to Inter, would it be all bad? We could change our formation to 4-4-2, which would suit Sheva well and if we bought in Villa he would enjoy working in a 4-4-2 next to Sheva. Anelka is also more suited to this formation.

Lampard leaving would mean we could put Essien and Ballack in the middle, which would just be amazing in terms of brute power defensively and offensively. Joe Cole and Malouda, imo, are more suited to the traditional RM and LM positions rather than the ones they play in a 4-3-3. A 4-3-3 means the two wide men are basically playing as wide forwards, which is not suitable for their style of play.

So we could have a squad similar to this:

GK - Cech, Carlo, Hilario

RB - Bosingwa, Paulo/Belletti

LB - Cole, Bridge

CB - Riccy, JT, Alex, Ivanovic

RM - Cole, Bentley/Quaresma

LM - Malouda, Kalou

CM - Ballack, Essien, Maka, Mikel...

ST - Sheva, Villa, Anelka, Sinclair...

So offload; Boula, SWP (who wouldn't be suited to 4-4-2 IMO), Drogba (same as SWP), Sidwell and Pizarro

And bring in; a RM (Bentley/Quaresma?) and a ST (Villa)

But then I think to myself, can I really cope with Lampard leaving Chelsea?

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I think we'll definitely be able to deal with out him but I can't imagine Chelsea with out Lampsy. Playing without him may suit other people's styles but I feel that we would miss some of the elements he brings, not to mention those 20 goals a season. Playing in a new formation would take some getting used to as well. Didi leaving too would mean that other players would definitely need to step up, and score those goals. I'm not so sure Lampsy leaving would make us better per say but it could mean a change that could work out.

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No, IMO Lampard is our heart at midfield. He can score like a striker, he can give long passes like a good central midfielder.

Tho I wouldn't mind playing 4-4-2 diamond, Essien as defensive midfield, Lampard as attacking. But that formation would work out only in case Drogba won't leave and we brin in a fast forward such as Villa or Eto'o. Then a new winger next to Joey. I think we would do wonders with such a tactic.

But I doubt we'd bad 4-4-2 Diamond. I'm not very worried about tactical stuff anyway, Big Phil knows what he does, surely he won't let us down.

Bring on the pre-season! blue%20scalf.gif

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Sooner or later Lampard will leave Chelsea and we'll have to move on. But atm, selling him isnt an option imo. If he was playing shite for us then I'd understand, but he's still performing and worth hanging on to.

If and when the time comes that his performances drop then I wouldnt hesitate to get rid, but he has a good bit in the tank yet and probably one of the fittest players in the Premiership.

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Eventually people will be saying Lampard is past it we need to replace him.

So obviously one day we will have to. But atm he is in great form and still a world class player that can play at the top level. We don't want to let him go before we have to. Chelsea has got the best out of him and will continue to for as long as he can play at this level.

He is a legend and everyone at Chelsea loves him and doesn't want to see him leave just yet.

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Of course we could cope without him, we have many talented midfield players afterall. Nevertheless, 80 goals in 4 seasons isn't something you get from most midfielders, and without his average regular contribution of 20 goals and 14 assists per season, Chelsea would be a lot worse off.

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I have said it before, and I'll say it again, Lampard is the engine of Chelsea FC. Ofcourse I agree that no player can't be replaced, but at the moment we would be mad to let him go. This team was built around Frank and when he doesn't play, we miss him badly. I am not being all sentimental, but the time will come when Frank is either going to retire or move on, I am sure we will cope without him no problems in the future, but I feel that time is not yet.

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What do we want? a Midfielder who scores 20 goals a season? thats more than most of the strikers score in a season. OR Do we want a player who opens up defences and create goal scoring balls for team mates and scores 10 goals a season himself.? Difficult choice to make.

ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO REPLACE LAMPARD!!!...you dont get a "20 goals a season midfielder" anywhere on earth.

But...it could be a blessing in disguise for people like Ballack (as we saw last season), Joe Cole, and other people in the team as they get a chance to express themselves in the midfield.

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Lampard is my favourite player... He cries I cry, he laughs I laugh, he's happy I'm happy. I've never felt that towards a player, but these things surely make him my favourite. No way can he go ! Sign that fucking contract and let us celebrate !

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