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Next Manager?

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It depends on what are you looking.Do you want a top manager with charisma and enormous technical capabilities then the choice is Antonio Conte if you want a avarage/good manager but very lucky then t

hi from a Napoli supporter   i'm very sad for the loosing of Sarri, he is a real football Maestro, I saw the best Napoli in 90 years of history of the club, better than Maradona's Napoli, with a decen

I read the news here in Italy where it seems that Conte will become the next coach of Chelsea .... by Juventus fan ... and one that literally he loved juventus.of Conte ... if Antonio arrives at chels

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  • Corriere Dello Sport believe Antonio Conte closing in on Chelsea job 
  • The Italian flew into London to agree a three-year deal, claims the paper 
  • Paul Pogba, Mauro Icardi and Radja Nainggolan are named as targets
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6 hours ago, Pizy said:

Why would Bayern sell Vidal after one season? Why would Vidal want to leave after one season? Makes no sense.

Just a lazy link by journalists. 

Because he's a lousy drunk who hasn't really made them better.

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Abramovich and the Made in Italy


Roman Abramovich studied and worked for the New Chelsea. It is recovering from a difficult cohabitation with Mourinho, it would be impossible to move forward, looking for a top manager. Not just a coach, especially someone to guide him on the market and indicating the right way. Abramovich is like that, it does affect the mood and the enthusiasm: if the coach so and so comes in its strings would be able to make available an unlimited budget. Stuff to hold your breath to anyone.
Chelsea looking for the heir of a ferryman as Hiddink. For years, at least a couple, traveling strong pursuit of Diego Simeone. With not negligible point that the head of Atletico Madrid not yet decided to leave the bench, Spain is a god and feel have all at his feet. For this reason, it takes time, it is now more no than yes, but the scenarios could change in a matter of a couple of months. If it were not for the particular - significantly - by mid-March that Abramovich would like to give Chelsea the technical guide for the 2016-2017 season.
With Simeon fully dilemma, Mr. Roman focused on Made in Italy. Has marked closely enough Max Allegri, perhaps misled, only to store the relationship with Juve is strong. It can become even more solid with a renewal until 2019. Allegri had a temptation beginning of 2016, but has been able to respond with facts to all the owls in circulation, especially to those who last fall had ruled that that departure absurd in the league would compromise even third place. Today Allegri is at the top, the owls are gone. Or are silent, any word would be out of place. Today Allegri especially understood that Juve is always Juve, a programming model, and that for a possible very English experience no time. At the bottom of his career he does not end in one or two years.
And thus, reported to the Research of the made in Italy, Mr. Abramovich has sent his men on the trail of Antonio Conte. An old acquaintance because there had been contacts about three years ago, but in those days were so solid relationships with Andrea Agnelli and Marotta that there was the slightest desire to divorce. Then we know how it ended up, meanwhile Conte realized that the life coach is full of problems and melancholy, so here is the hypothesis held. Today Don Antonio feels ready for the Premier, just as Abramovich has read and reread the excellent relations of a coach able to personally manage the large budget that will provide for the market.
One thing is obvious: if Conte lies on the Thames waves, it would be yet another confirmation that the Italians specialists remain among the most popular in the world. Surely, says the recent history, among the most acclaimed in England. And while Ranieri is looking for the company between companies in the saddle at Leicester, we celebrate the football engagement between Abramovich and Conte. Now a promise of marriage.



Translated by Google so don't bitch.

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Zvonimir Boban labels Antonio Conte’s 3-5-2 system the ‘best in history’, but is critical of the formation’s use in a ‘tactically decadent’ Italian football.

Speaking to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the former Milan man turned Sky Italia pundit has revealed his take on the state of calcio at the moment.

“Italian football is tactically decadent,” Boban has considered in the interview.

“I don't like Italy's use of 3-5-2 and the midfield diamond, because their hold on space is precarious - teams suffer if they defend too deep at the top level.”

Boban also had something to say about current Azzurri boss Antonio Conte, whose team faces Croatia on Sunday in Milan.

“[Conte's] 3-5-2 is the best in history. He's the only Coach who doesn't play a 5-3-2. But he struggles against opponents with good wingers, who are able to switch play quickly.

“Big teams don't have any problems doing that. You can't dominate or set a trend with 3-5-2.

“The only great game Conte's Juve played in Europe was against Real Madrid, when they switched to a 4-3-3.”


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"Conte has told Chelsea he'd like to bring Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini

with him if he moves to London in the summer. [Express]"

Nah He make many members of this forum unhappy if he come here

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5 hours ago, xPetrCechx said:

Conte is thought to have flown into London to open talks with club director Marina Granovskaia. #CFC (Mail)

Lets see if the press are waiting at the airport for him.


I know all these reports 'linking' us with the various players (plus his own sporting director to either replace or work wirh Emenalo) hes bringing with the help of the war chest are made by the click merchants but I find myself with wet pants now n then thinking about it! No matter what its going to mean a fresh start to next season and a buzz in the stands.

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4 hours ago, xPetrCechx said:


I very much doubt it unless all potential managers insist on a large war chest and the Board is backed into a corner with choices.

Conte should insist on having such a sizeable transfer kitty before he agrees to sign on the dotted line. 

Any decent coach should refuse any offer from Chelsea and walk away if the Board continues to spend LESS than Bournemouth and Watford!!!

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On 15 February 2016 at 9:58 AM, BlueLion said:
9 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

Fuck Conte off and bring Koeman. The job he's done at Southampton speaks volumes about him as a coach, not only that but he isn't scared to introduce the young lads, which is what we all want right?


Weird can't delete a previous quote that crashed :(

I think we might have 'all' been a little guilty of over estimating our younger players, easy to do when the seniors were performing so badly :(

we definitely need some 'starters' in midfield and defence, but will probably sign another winger ???

also there is no compensation package for Conte, which means more money can be allocated to xfers, as opposed to buying out his Southampton contract. 

I'm not sure on Conte - we're getting an ego maniac and I doubt it will end well, Koeman would have been a nice continuation to the way Guus conducts himself, Conte is like 100 times crazier than Mancini and only slightly less deranged than Paolo DiCanio ???

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