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Next Manager?

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3 hours ago, KevinAshburner said:

It don't matter my sexy beautiful masculine and feminine TalkChelsea members who Chelsea get as Manager because our Club is run by Marina and the rest of the business minded and not football intelligent rich men.

Couldn't agree more!

It doesn't matter who we bring in as HEAD COACH if the board dont back and trust him enough to let him say which players HE needs (of course within reason)

7 hours ago, the wes said:



Ive also seen his assisttant following him around carrying a Espresso coffee pot and cup for his regular hit!

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It depends on what are you looking.Do you want a top manager with charisma and enormous technical capabilities then the choice is Antonio Conte if you want a avarage/good manager but very lucky then t

hi from a Napoli supporter   i'm very sad for the loosing of Sarri, he is a real football Maestro, I saw the best Napoli in 90 years of history of the club, better than Maradona's Napoli, with a decen

I read the news here in Italy where it seems that Conte will become the next coach of Chelsea .... by Juventus fan ... and one that literally he loved juventus.of Conte ... if Antonio arrives at chels

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I dont quite get how the managership interviews whatever work.

I would think if I was to appy or be asked to interview for a new club I would want to visit the place. I would want my trusted team go check out the players to see just what I had to play with.

I would contact ex managers/players to get as much inside information as i possibly coul get. All before I added my name to the potebtial list.

You wouldn't just turn up and have our board firing questions at ya.

Seems like yesterday Sarris reps wanted to get to the bottom of calling Mancini a poof and faggot after Sarri shouted at the 4th official for adding on 5 minutes of extra time. Mancini stood up shouting at Sarri to be quiet and not disrespect the 4th official, obviously trying to wind Sarri up. To which he probably lost his rag amd made the remarks. I cant see the problem tho. My gay mates call each other names like that. And if Mancini isn't Gay then why is he so pissed off?

Maybe as Sarri is from my generation it was more common to say less PC statements back when tho its not something Ive ever considered saying. If you're going to have a row you have a row you dont vall someone names.

Unless of course they're a bunch of opposition supporters walking down Fulham Broadway! beac1d2372ef84e9864d30c8ee1d3d61.gif

Was justr thinking. We are supposedly offering Sarri a 2 year contract and Poch just signed a 5 year extension! Lets hope Sarri hits the ground running and he is given the extension after hes proved himself.

But what does 'proved himsel'f mean? It cant be silverware as Conte has added 2 pieces in 2 seasons. Everywhere you read it says "You cant judge Pochs success by trophies" So what IS success???

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My only issue with sari is that whilst I love seeing his fluent attacking football, fast breaking, intricate passing napoli side, we have some of the worst passers I've ever seen for a top level side. Would need a fair few better players to prop us up if we are to play that style. 

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No matter hat manager came in it would be the same tho. He would need 4 or 5 new players and we woud be right back able to compete with everyone.

Right players of course!


I suppose he will bring his personal coffee wallah with him!



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Azpi     Rudiger    Christensen    Emerson

                       New Dm

              Kante        Barkley/RLC

Willian             Morata                Hazard

That's if we buy no one (except DM. I refuse to put any of our players there. We need one!!)

That looks fun. Certainly won' win the league but no one but man City will. Add a very good DM to control the possession and that looks quite dangerous. 

Swap Willian for Bailly? And Morata for Icardi? That's some good shit. 


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#Chelsea have accelerated their interest in appointing ex-Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri as their next boss. [Mail]

Luis Enrique’s demands have provided a stumbling block, which leaves Sarri as the clear front-runner for the job and #Chelsea are poised to press ahead with their interest. [Mail]

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2 hours ago, Superblue_1986 said:

Whilst on paper our squad doesn't look capable of playing the type of football Sarri has got Napoli playing, neither did Napoli at first.

Players like Koulibaly were viewed as poor on the ball and lacking the positional awareness. Jorginho only became this 'pass master' under Sarri's style, and Insigne and Mertens were never as clinical beforehand. 

Firstly Sarri needs to be able to coach some of these players and get them to adapt to his methods and secondly we need to see if they can play in this way because we've never tried.

Under Conte this season, playing so negative and slow it's always going to cause problems. It encourages teams to push up and press us and also gives time to mark players. Any player is going to struggle finding players up the pitch and unlocking doors in this way. 

A lot of people on this forum have used the excuse with Hazard's goal and assist output that he doesn't play in an offensive minded team, and maybe that is true. But it is also true for every single player at the club. Would our strikers score more goals if more clear chances are being created, same for our wingers. Would our midfielders be capable of dominating teams when on the front foot. 

Until we change our style of play we cannot be sure of how adaptable our players are to someone like Sarri. And even then, given the abundance of loan players and that we'll buy some players too this summer, I'm sure it can work. If anything it will take some time to develop and blossom just like Conte's back three did.

But the vast majority of this season was a 100% different way to play along with player attitude compared to last season. And that cant all be down to Costa getting the Spanish archer or the supposed negativity of Conte.

Last year we played some of the best football I have ever seen us play. There was a physical electric feeling in MH from the start that something good was going to happen. And apart from a couple of games at the start something good DID happen.

We played smooth,fast attacking football, scored alot of goals and still kept a stromg defence.

And to look at them play most of this year you would think someone had put sleeping tablets in their water!

So it is possible for us to play good looking football. But for whatever reasons, and it cant all be put on Contes head, we haven't.

Our problem will be going from one formation into another that are so different. It wont happen in a few weeks over the summer, and we know Romans impatiance levels.

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Chelsea sound out Maurizio Sarri over replacing Antonio Conte

Chelsea will meet with Maurizio Sarri’s representatives on Friday, with the former Napoli coach a candidate for the manager’s job should they sack Antonio Conte, who is widely expected to exit the club this summer.

The Stamford Bridge side continue to weigh up the future of Conte, the Italian who warned Chelsea they would be losing a “serial winner” if they decided to replace him after winning the FA Cup at Wembley last weekend.

“After two years, the club knows me very well,” Conte said. “If they want to continue to work with me, they know me. I can’t change. I am this and my past speaks very clearly, as a player and as a manager.” Napoli appointed Carlo Ancelotti as Sarri’s successor on Wednesday after the latter guided the team to a second-place Serie A finish in his third and final season at the club.

The 59-year-old Sarri – who has never managed outside of his homeland – is mulling over an offer from Zenit St Petersburg, understood to be worth around £5.2m a year. However, it is believed that Sarri’s preference would be to join Chelsea but it is not clear whether he is the club’s primary target.

Following Napoli’s 2-1 win over Crotone, which saw Napoli end the season with 91 points before his exit was confirmed, Sarri told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “What I do think is that I could not go directly to another Italian team, and that if I had to make a change I would prefer to go abroad. Everything in life ends and it is better to finish things after writing a beautiful story.”

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