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Thank you, Petr Cech


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First of all the most disappointing thing at the moment is that another legend leave without a proper farewell. Even Ferreira have his farewell chance better, with his kids, family, waving goodbye, speech, etc.

Unlike others actually I understand with people who didn't wish him all the best. Cech join Arsenal and he is playing for our rivals now, how can you wish him good luck? So that Arsenal could win some more titles were you guys wishes?

I could recognized what Cech has done for us all this years and sending him all the best, posting tons of 'thank you Cech', rewind my memories of his great saves, if he is joining overseas club or when he finally retired some day. For now, I'm sorry but no good wish from me.

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gluck Petr Cech.

Roman appreciated your service and you got the deal you wanted for your family. Goodluck for the future, but you won't win anything outside of domestic cups.

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What can i say? really really gutted to see Cech go to Arsenal, of all places why there??? why strenghten a direct rival, specially Arsenal :( ? why make them stronger?, specially in a position they lacked quality for so long, for me it does not make any sense, really bad business on our part in my opinion, and only for 11 million??? thats´s a steal for a world class GK like Cech, Jose would never had let this happen. As you can see from Cech´s letter to Chelsea fans he mentions Abramovich letting him stay in the premier league, and there is the situation with his family wanting to stay in London too, of course family comes first, could have at least have a special mention for Mourinho in his letter, Mourinho was the one who trusted in him in goal since day 1, Cech was 22 at the time and took Cudicini´s place in goal, he arrived at the club as a promising GK and Mourinho gave him the confidence to succeed at Chelsea, that´s my view. I would much rather prefered if he had joined a club outside England, the tought of seeing him in a Arsenal shirt sickens me to the stomach and it can hurt us in the future, sorry about the rant and if i sound too negative, but it´s just the reality of the situation.

True, will never forget what he did for us, one of the major contributions for our success this last 11 years, best GK in Chelsea´s history to date, one of the best GK´s in the world while playing for us, his commitment, passion and desire with us should never be questioned, he gave his all for us, made so many top saves, won us so many games and points, gave us many great moments to cherrish, broke all kinds of GK records for clean sheets, would have liked to see him break David James Premier League record of clean sheets with us, but it´s not meant to be, oh well. He will be forever in our hearts specially for what he did that night in Munich in the Champions League final, and his intervention in so many other finals we´ve won with him in goal, I thank him very much at the bottom of my heart for all that he´s done for us, a true great, a legend in his own right and he deserves to play regular football, but now that he´s joined a rival i just can´t wish him success, specially against us, sorry if i sound like a bastard, but that´s how i feel at the moment, maybe with time it will pass. Anyway, we must move on from Cech, he´s not with us anymore and we must focus on the new generation of players we have, gladly we have the GK position sorted out for many years because we have a great GK in Courtois who´s top class and will play for us many years hopefully and give his all for us just like Cech did, mind you he´s only 23, he still has his best years ahead of him and i´m glad we have him in our team, he can only get better and can become a great legend for us too, this one we must hold on to at all costs, it´s his time to shine ;) . Hope we can add a few signings this summer so that we can try to defend our title and take the Premier League by storm again next season,( let´s beat the gooners with Cech in their goal and show them we mean business ) and try to win other cup competitions, specially the Champions League ;) Win, Lose or Draw, Chelsea till i die :clap: and here´s to many more future success my fellow Chelsea fans, cheers to you all, KTBFFH :wave:

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