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Where do you stand on Falcao?


where do you stand on falcao?  

116 members have voted

  1. 1. Falcao hit or miss?

    • Fantastic signing , will be back to his best in no time. will probably earn a permanent move to the club
    • good signing. he will settle in quickly, and prove to be a productive squad member
    • neutral - this transfer could easily go either way
    • poor signing- a bad use of resources, he is unlikely to have any meaningful impact
    • terrible signing , will be nothing but trouble, could badly affect our season

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Neutral but slightly positive. Could be a quality backup to Costa or a total waste of money. But as long as it is a loan there's quite a low risk in it tbh.

Hopefully everyone can get behind and support him if (when) he becomes a blue.

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It depends. If Remy is sold because of Falcao that'd be bad business from the get-go.

However, if Remy is used more often than last season especially as a RW, seeing as we are one AM down from last year, and Falcao is actually the 3rd striker it's an okay deal for me. What makes me nervous, though, is that Falcao himself isn't an iron man which might turn out to be a big problem as Remy and Costa are known for picking up little injuries from time to time, too.

Overall, I don't think Falcao is worth the risk. Get Austin instead, he'll probably be convincible to play as a 3rd striker if we show him good money, or if you wanna be riskier use Bamford.

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Neutral to poor. The effects remain to be seen. If we keep Remy then I'll be neutral on this but if we lose him... We lose a nicely aged (27?) excellent back up choice for a former has been superstar striker that might not light it up.

Even if Falcao does do well, do we spend £35m on a 29/30 year old? That would be disastrous. The only thing that's keeping me sane about this deal is the fact that it's a loan.

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He's a loaner so it's alright. Of course, his wages are ridiculous and his loan fee is kind of steep, but the people in charge are willing to pay so whatever. But this deal has everything to do with Mendes. I just hope he does Mou (and so us) a favour in the future with one of his top players.

I don't really care how he does tbh. Diego is my #1 man. If he proves to be a great squad player, I'm happy. If he does a decent/poor/terrible job, he goes back to Monaco. But I don't believe in the 'back to his previous best' talk. Even then, I prefer Costa.

So, as long as Mourinho doesn't experiment by playing him instead of Diego (or to play him out wide with Falcao up top, what a terrible idea), and I highly doubt that will happen, then everything is fine with me.

Oh, and also as long as Remy isn't leaving.

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Im neutral to depressed.While I do think IF he had REGULAR playtime, IF unlike at United he had the players feeding him properly, IF he got fitter than he was last night (he was gasping 1/2 way thru 1st half) then he MIGHT do OK.

The thing that confuses me is WTF are we gambling on him? With Remy with one foot out the door WTF havent we got as ONE of our priorities a shit hot no injury history lad that needs no GPS to find the goal.

But Im really unsure just how much say Mou has in player recruitment. If you remember when he 1st came back there was reports of it written into his contract that Emenalo would be in charge of all player transfers. I dont think Mou comes into it unless they ask him to use his character and talk someone round.

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Not sure yet... It will depend on his wage, his status (2nd or 3rd striker), and I'd like not to sell Remy.

Why does it matter whether hes 2nd or 3rd striker? I THOUGHT Remy was our 2nd striker last season yet Drogs was put in alot more than him.

No matter where hes supposedly is in the pecking order IF hes good he should play more if hes shite then should warm the bench.

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It depends what you think he has to achieve to have a successful season. He is obviously not going to be first choice so a 20+ goal season is not going to happen.

10-15 goals as a back up striker would be a fantastic return imo. New club, new manager, new team mates. It could work out.

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Again why do we need a 2short term fix" for a position we are well covered in. One could see the sense in it, if he was a CM who could complement Matic well or be his back up or a right back to keep ivanovic on his toes. You can't even call Falcao a short term fix as that implies he's a player with a very high probability of succeeding in the short to medium term and judging by the disastrous effect of the serious injury he suffered and how poorly he's been playing for the past 13 months, it's safe to say that probability is very slim.

van persie to Utd is the correct way of achieving a short term fix if that's what jose is after. this has shades of veron to Chelsea.

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Agreed but you need to put this to the equation:

- Mourinho and Drogba are really close pals

- Drogba is a Chelsea Legend

- Most importantly, this was Drogba's final season

I totally hear you but I put Joses professionalism higher than showing sentiment for team selection. He didnt put up much of a fight when Lamps left who is also a close pal of his.

Since seeing Lamps wearing that shitty color blue shirt my views towards player loyalty and selection sentiment has changed completely.

Ive realized that players GENERALLY see football as just another job and a club just like any other large corporation.

And just like us if we change jobs we keep a couple of old mates and remember the good times but at the end of the day we work for a new company and do all we can to beat our old one.

You wont see many like JT/Gerard around anymore. Its just us supporters who have got love and loyalty for only one team.

So now Im all about putting together the best team of players we can get. If we can upgrade any player then we should do it.

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If we get him at the expense of Remy, very negative.

Remy has bailed us out so many times this season when Costa's been out and he is a class striker, he has a right to second choice for me. Injuries coinciding with Costa's was merely just that - coincidence. It won't happen again.

I understand that we need a 3rd choice just in case, but if it's a true 3rd choice, then Solanke of one of our plethora of loanees could fill the hole, when they'll probably get a few cup games, a couple of 85th min subs on and that's it. Falcao is a lot of money for a player who has baggage.

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