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Wayward Pines


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Anyone watching this?

Great new series been on 4 weeks now. Basically its about a secret service agent thats gone looking for his partner. He has been knocked out and came to in a small backwoods town where nothing is what it seems.

Its really an updated The Prisoner with a bit of X Files,Under the Dome (NEW SERIES STARTS 25th JUNE!!!), LOST,Eureka thrown in. But where most of those had a touch of humour Wayward Pines is very dark. If you dont follow the rules your throat is cut is front of the whole town!

We have no idea yet to the purpose of this town (which has a massive great electrofied fence surrounding it with some sort of compound encasing something unseen yet. Theres a chance it may be run by 'friendly' sources experimenting on whatever as on of the agents colleagues was the one that arranged for him to be taken.

This is one of the best series for awhile now so sods law it will probably be pulled after 1 season like eg Alcatraz,

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Sounds like something I'd like. Might give it a try as I"m running out of series to watch anyway.

I know. It seems like everything I watch finishes at the same time. So it means watching Cam jobs of the new released films. But Under the dome starts again in couple of weeks. But still got last season of Breaking Bad to watch.

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This looks like a Twin Peaks rip-off.

Nothing like Twin Peaks. If anything its more a LOST/Prisoner mix. But I like it because we got no idea WTF is going on. We find bits out week by week. Like the Sheriffs dead body gettig pulled away by that unseen thing behind the massive electrified metal gates.

I love it.

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best show on tv! after got and twd ofcourse

You lost me on TWD

And Ive never watched one episode of GOT. But I'd not seen any of Breaking Bad till I broke my tailbone and i watched all of it in one week.

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So Its the 6th episode on UK TV tonight (Im gonna watch it now tho cause I hate waiting for anything) and we are learnig more of whats happened

Episode 5 is actually a massive what the fuck which scrambles your brain. Its not actually a nice sweetTwin Peaks its really a nasty X Files.It seems that its 2000 years after the last memories theyve got and theres been some sort of armageddon thats wiped out humanity as we know it. All the town is the master plan of a scientific genius (Dr Jenkins) and everyone there is hand picked, mainly for the children, who of course they want to use to repopulate.

Theres some life beyond the mountain high electrified hencing who are called Abbies (Look like large Golums with long talons that roam in packs)

The children have been told all this by this teacher with deep seated psychotic issues and passive aggressive tendencies, but been told their parents would somehow die if they are told about it.

All this time our hero who is now the towns sheriff after killing the last one, has climbed out of the safe confines of the town and discovered the state of the outside.

The strange little Dr Jenkins comes down in an armed helicopter to pick up the sheriff just about in time as hes being surrounded by the flesh loving Abbies.

If all we have been told is true I dont know why the town hasn't gone out beyond the periphery and blasted holy hell out of Gollums ancestors to give themselves a bit of breathing space.

Whats your thoughts so far?

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So Episode 6 fills us in on whats happened and our illustrious hero now finds himself in a sticky position.

So he now knows that they are 2000+ years into the future and the rest of humanity so we are told apart from these Abbies have been wiped out.

The Dr had tried to tell anyone who would listen (back before armageddon) about the forthcoming end of humanity and how humans were evolving to live with these changes. But of course they all thought he needed his bumps felt and he was just another rich looney.

He managed to talk alot of helpers into his way of thinking and throu some sort of suspended isolation has put thousands of people lined up to populate the town as and when needed.

This Wayward Pines is MK2. The Dr made the mistake the 1st time round into telling the residents the complete truth. But they couldn't handle it. Tho they had everything they needed the thought of them being the only humans tore them apart. They rebelled. They rioted and rose up killing each other, blowing up the town and committed suicide. They just wasn't happy was they!

So the Dr knocked it all down and in 2 years started it all up again. This time deciding to treat them like mushrooms, feeding them bullshit and keeping them in the dark. Ruling with an iron fist.

But this is where our hero comes in. He wants the town to be run thru a fair democratic way. Nobody killed for rulebreaking etc. But the thing is theres a faction in town that knows summet dodgy is going on and they want to tear down the fences to see whats outside.The person in charge of this group is his ex secret service partner (in more ways than one) and they have put together a bloomin great big bomb. Also his Mrs (now working at the estate agents!) who has a nose for trouble and knows nothing of whats going on. is doing her own bit of detective work not realizing her hubby is trying to keep a cap on it all.

I wasn't expecting this scenario but I hope theres something more to it than this. I want more smoke and mirrors.

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Did anyone else get into this?

Bit of a weird ending eh. There seems to be more of the 1 season long stories around now. Like True Detective.

I liked how Matt Dillons son woke up in hospital and walked thru town with everyone staring at him just as his dad did in 1st episode but what I dont get is the rest of it.

OK his dad died when he blew himself up in the lift and Nurse Pam shot her bro leaving her in charge of the place but Kate was up for helping and his Mum is still alive and there wouldnt be any chance they would let it get back to how it originally was. But it seems that the 1st Generation (the Children) have taken over so Im guessing that theyve restocked the town with people from storage and theyre back to ruling with an iron fist.

But thats what these series are made to do. Make you come to your own conclusions.

They probably make them this way because so many good series are pulled after the 1st season and it leaves us all utterly pissed off wondering just WTF went on

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