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Michael Essien

LDN Blue

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Essien has been tremendous for Chelsea, he has done so much for this club and it's a shame that because of another transfer he is receiving so few good words.That's why we decided to make something for him to express our gratitude. If you want to say 'Thank you' to our great former player send your photo with #ThankYouBison to chelsea_ru(at)yahoo.com and we will make a tribute for him. The more photos the more Ess will be pleased seeing them.

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why was it free transfer?

it was not. in fact we are paying essien about 3mil in compensation for his loss in wages.

basically it is a 1 and a half year loan where milan would be paying half his wages and we would be paying the other half.

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hmm..gonna miss this player...still remember him in his first season along with lamps n makalele....his goal against arsenal...his goal against barca...

The Great Bison of Chelsea departs for one last challenge..

goodbye...u will never be forgotten................... :cry: :tophat:

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Absolute world class player for first couple seasons up to his injury's - looked good for Madrid - too fast for him in the PL - italy's a good move!

Goodluck to the Bison, hopefully gets into coaching/management cant remember if hes done anything like that (badges etc)

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First two seasons he was out of this world, shame about injuries but i wish him all the best.

i miss the old guard. DD, flo, joe, ballack, maka, essien, carvalho, paulo.

so much has changed.

to think next season JT, lamps, ash and petr might or might not be here. :(

With Moruinho we're building a new Chelsea, its exciting times. A new era.

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