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Your ideal team for next season ?


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What would your ideal team be like next season ?

My ideal team is with Pogba next to Matic and Bale playing on the right so he can cut in and shoot with his left foot. Cesar starting in his natural RB role with Luis playing as LB. Wouldn't mind Griezmann if we can't get Bale.


Next would be a 4-3-3 as below with Pogba and Griezmann or Bale.


This would be interesting to try out but unlikely under Jose.


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Diego Costa

Cristiano Ronaldo - Lionel Messi - Arjen Robben

Vidal - Pogba

Alaba - Ramos - Varane - Lahm









Paolo Guerro


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Azpi - Otamendi - Terry - Luis

Fabregas - Matic

Sterling - Willian - Hazard




Clyne - Otamendi - Terry - Azpi

Fabregas - Matic

Sterling - Willian - Hazard




Azpi - Varane - Terry - Rodriguez

Fabregas - Matic

Willian - James - Hazard





Azpi - Varane - Terry - Alaba

Modric - Matic

Bale - Hazard - Reus


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I think I finally Jose will not make as many changes as it may seem. To win Champions League we need to have a team that carries several years working together to have internalized the dynamics of team. So I do not expect many changes, we can not build a new team each season.

Players who could be sold.

I would love that he could stay with us. But I would understand and respect his decision.

Filipe Luis. I still think we should bet on Filipe. But Ivanovic and Azpilicueta are unquestionable
and Azpi plays better on the left side. I prefer to keep him with us.

Ramires. He is a soldier of Jose. Only a good deal could make that we sold him. He is one of us.

Oscar. A complicated matter. We bet too strong for him. Even we sold Juan Mata to give our full support and he has not responded as we expected. But he is young and our project. I have the feeling that Jose will want to keep with us, but an offer between 35 and 45 million pounds could change everything. PSG can be a good destination for him and, in return, sign Koke.

Mikel. I doubt that Jose going to want to sell him. Mikel is perfect for close games with tight results. We never will get a lot of money for him and, besides, Mikel accept a secondary role. He probably will be with us.

Remy. Great player but injuries are the big problem. I think selling and signing another good striker to increase competition and meritocracy with Diego Costa.

Positions that we need to improve and options (IMO).

1. Goalkeeper substitute for Courtois.

A young player from our academy or a veteran goalkeeper chosen by Jose.

2. Centre-Back.

A. Varane. I think he will be the signing. I even seems that Jose has already convinced him to come with us. Training with Jose each week Varane can become the best Centre-back in the world and the best of the next decade. The best partner for Zouma.

B. Laporte (Athletic de Bilbao). A young guy and ability to be a huge center-back.

3. Right-Back.

A. Fabinho (Monaco).
A very young but experienced player in Europe and ready to make the leap to a great team. Jose knows him from his time at Real Madrid. I think he's the closest thing to Maicon and perfect for a slow transition to Ivanovic. Barcelona is trying his move, and also several English teams. It is a personal desire and could be a great opportunity.

4. Back up of Matic.

A. Imbula. Maybe too offensive and too box to box to be back up of Matic. But a great player without any doubt. one player similar to Pogba but less extravagant and better tactical sense.

B. Kondogbia. The perfect player to replace Mikel and to be back up of Matic. For me it would be the first option.

C. Khedira. Free signing because he ended his contract with Real Madrid. Khedira has a lot of experience and that could be positive for us. His problem is injuries after knee surgery. But last season He has not been injured, was Real Madrid who have not used him because he did not want to renew his contract.

5. A creative midfielder able to move the ball, work for the team and be a replacement for Oscar (if we sell him).

A. Koke.
For me my favorite option. We've talked a lot about him in this forum and I think he would be exactly what we need to complete our puzzle.

B. Gundogan. A TOP PLAYER. Before his injury Gundogan (IMO) was the best midfielder in the world after Xavi and Iniesta. But this injury has changed everything. In this year he seems to have recovered its level and could be an interesting, cheap and fast option.

6. A world star.

A. Messi.
I have hopes still that after finishing the season (in which Barcelona can win multiple trophies) Messi decides to leave Barcelona and join us with Fabregas and Jose. I think everything that happened in January has to have some meaning. But I am aware that signing is a very complicated, but it would be funded with our our new sponsorship agreements and the pact on television rights. And dreaming is still free.

B. Bale. A perfect choice for our RW, but very expensive. The reports speak of 80 to 100 million pounds. An amount of madness but a player with perfect features for Premier League. Although it is also true that William is having a spectacular performance and he deserves our respect and support (although Willian maybe could play through the middle).

C. Paul Pogba. Probably the best young player in the world and a player destined to mark an era in the next decade. But his big problem could be the final price of their signing (between 50 and 75 million pounds) and Pogba convince to come with us (I think Chelsea is the best place for him). This summer will be a big fight for him from Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester City, Manchester United, Barcelona and us. their signing will probably be be the most difficult.

D. Thiago Alcantara. If Guardiola leave Bayern Munich this summer he will be in the market and we should be well placed if there is this possibility, but I doubt this will happen.

7. Fordward -Number 9-.

Honestly, in this position I'm a little lost on our main objectives.

Mauro Icardi, Dybala, Lacazzete, Cavani, Falcao, Adebayor ... Many rumors, nothing concrete.

8. Others.

A. Griezmann. If the clause is 30 million euros (22 million pounds).

Option most likely / realistic.


New signing

Zouma Varane

Cahill John Terry

Ivanovic Azpilicueta

Azpi as a wildcard Filipe Luis / Nathan Aké

Koke / Gundogan Matic

Ruben Lofts-Cheek Mikel or Imbula o Kondogbia

or Ramires


Bale / Griezmann Fabregas Hazard

or Cuadrado Willian as a wildcard

Diego Costa

New signing

Drogba (If he decides to continue with us)


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Ivanovic - Howedes - Terry - Azpilicueta

Verratti - Matic

Pedro - Fabregas - Hazard


Subs - Green, Clyne, Zouma, Ramires, Willian, Oscar, Lacazette

I would also sign Laporte and loan him back Bilbao so we can bring him in the team for the 16/17 season after Terry retires.

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Pogba next to matic ?

Pogba shines when he given a lot of freedom, play much forward. Basicly play him almost like a CAM

So giving him role to cover fabregas weakness, have a ton of defensive responsibility is wrong way and only limited him badly. IMO

Even only get schneiderlin or gundongan, I'll very happy

Cos it will help us to play much much better when facing big team.

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I don't think it's about a team for next season, it's about a squad.

Quality depth is the keyword, we should look in the departments we lack quality depth.

This year we relied too much on Eden, Cesc, Matic and Costa, we basically had no good replacements bar Remy, but he was often injured too.

GK - this season was perfect, next season we need a good replacement for Cech.

Defense - Iva, Azpi, JT, Gary, Zouma, Luis, Ake is still enough for me for next season, maybe a youngster could be integrated. Of course, if there is a chance to sign a world class youngster like Varane, we should take it.

CDM - Matic + Mikel, this one we surely can improve, I like Mikel but I think we should do better next season. Mou doesn't trust him enough, doubt he would trust Ake enough to be a Matic back up. Maybe Zouma?

(Khedira/other suggestions)

CM/box to box - Ramires, RLC, Mourinho mentioned that RLC will be a full time squad member next season, I'd be happy with these 2.

CM/AM playmaker - Cesc and no one else, we need a good back up for Cesc or someone who is versatile and can play with him AND replace him.


Wingers/AM - Willian and Eden are top quality, Oscar is max a bench player, Cuadrado does not look good enough at this moment, here we're having a big problem. We need at least one world class signing in this department to release the pressure off Eden.


Striker - Costa, Remy + new signing, and Drogba as the 4th pinch hitter/player-coach would be my dream.

Costa and Remy both struggled too much with injuries this season, we need a third good striker for next season, one who can play on the wing even better.

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--------------- Courtois ---------------------

Azpi - Zouma / Ivan- Terry / Cahil- Luis

--------- Matic --------- RLC -------------

Willian -------- Fab -------------- Eden

--------------- Costa / Remy -------------

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For me the ideal and realistic 2 teams we would have in our squad would be:













3rd choice GK & ST: Blackman & Bamford.

(Players in bold in 2nd team would be on the bench at first)

Sold: Cech, Mikel, Oscar, Ramires, McEachren, Kakuta, Moses, other assorted players.

Buy: Pogba, Butland, Varane, Imbula, Milner.

Schneiderin instead of Imbula, another HG GK instead of Butland and Koke instead of Pogba would be pretty perfect too.

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