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Mauro Icardi


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do u not rate him mate???

Before I answer I have to repeat the admission that my opinion is based on Youtube vids only. If therefore you, or anyone, wants to say that this opinion can't be valid, I couldn't really argue. Having admitted that however...

No, I don't rate him. To me he looks decent but not special and special must be our benchmark for expensive transfer targets. Even if I'm wrong, and Icardi is better than I realise, I don't think we need his type anyway. Yes, I do want us to sign a striker but I'd like that player to be a contrast, and potential compliment, to Costa. Specifically I want us to bring in a striker with top level technical skills. That might be someone like Dybala but it does not seem to me to be Icardi.

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As far as Icardi is concerned (and myself as an Inter fan), he really should stay at Inter to continue to develop. He doesn't have much versatility to his game like Remy who can play RW if need be. He plays almost exclusively on the shoulder of the defender looking to run/recieve passes into the channels. He's not a dribbler/link up maestro, so i can't see what he doesn't offer that Remy and Costa don't. He is lethal, but so are our 1st and 2nd choices STs already.

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Hope Inter and Milan can get back on their feet after these changes, the Serie A seriously needs it.
Hope they will start developing Italian players as well, that's massively needed, come on let's work all together for the NT shall we?

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