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Robbie Fowler : Ten game ban for Uruguay games is enough. When he bit Ivanovic in the league, he was still allowed to play for Uruguay so now that he's done it in a World Cup, Liverpool shouldn't be punished.

Scouse logic.

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Third time he's done this. Something needs to be done. I don't care how good a player he is, enough is enough. Needs to be banned for the entire WC and longer.

Wouldn't be surprised if the FIFA completely ignores this though.

This actually wouldv'e been the 4th time that he's done this, because he tried to bite Chiellini in the confederations cup last year.
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Awwww come on guys............ You cant fault his APPETITE for the game. The HUNGER he shows while playing has to be admired and he really is a class act in an otherwise TOOTHLESS Uruguayan forward line!! And please, dont forget his awesome DRIBBLING skills, I hope they never DESSERT him.

Honestly though, this animal really suits Liverpool....... They rummage around in dustbins for something to eat. This guy is just too lazy to search bins so he like to get his food on the move. If Chellini is smart, he will have gotten a tetanus/hepatitus jab straight away. Fuck knows what diseases that bastard is carrying.

FIFA should bring criminal proceedings against him for GBH. It's jail he should get, not a ban. :rant: Fucking phsyco. Perhaps clubs could ban him from their stadiums on "safety grounds"

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Best tweet on the bite ... :D

Loooollll :lol:

I wonder if evander and that other bit maniac still contact each other as fellow professional boxers

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Surely it has to be some side effect of a drug or perhaps a mental problem. Footballers do not simply just bite others on the pitch, the fact that he is done it 3 times already shows that it is a serious issue.

FIFA must not only ban him but also get him some much needed help!

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