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Pics posted on this thread had the Yokohama logo in white color. Footyheadlines might not even know about the colors that are going to be used, and just added the original colors of the brand.

Probably true.

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Well done We Hate Scouse! Your intel has made me a legend at my local supporters group, for that I will thank you. But don't stop there get me some more scoops or I'm back to being a nobody again!

A couple things I found out today that astonished me. First that Chelsea's new deal is gonna net them £40m a year for the next 5! That is roughly only 13m less than the largest in the world I believe which is Man utd's 53m. Whoever negotiated that deal is without question a master manipulator. I fully expect the big boys to use our deal as a platform to bargain with... Expect enormous deals for real and Barca in the very near future.

While the money we got shocked me nothing came close to the shock I experienced when I read Chelsea logged the most hrs of viewership and thus were the most watched club in the premier league!?! That is astounding to me! I knew the club was growing I had no idea it was to that level.

We are in a good place to cement ourselves as the only real big club in England, not in terms of supporters but competitions. We'll probably go further than any club left in the champions league, we have this massive endorsement deal, if we win the league we will cake on tv money and also being the last team in Europe we'll get a huge cut from that. We already turn a profit imagine if we actually get that prize money?

No wonder the campaign is in full swing we will be demolishing teams in every way if we go onto win this!

These are great times brothers and sisters, Enjoy this period and quit the whining. Carefree.

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We have the Liverpool fan to thank for this. Well done Christian Purslow, proving your worth already.

Thanks for everyone's messages. I'll try to keep everyone in the loop with any future information that I hear.

Whoever's dick it is you're sucking, carry on, it makes TC look epic.

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