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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.

I think this may be my biggest inside news ever and it will please a lot of you.

Turkish Airlines will NOT be our new sponsors. There was a principle deal in place that Chelsea have now pulled out of.

We have however acquired another sponsor, I can't name them at the minute, but the deal is apparently worth between £30-£40 million.

I do have photos and it includes next years apparent proposed shirt which again will please a lot of you as it does NOT include red.

I will post the photos in due course.

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...No Messi then. :ph34r:

Does the new sponsor look better on the kit than Turkish Airlines in your opinion( is there a logo/text or both) and can you tell us what kind of industry/organisation it is?

Once again cheers for the info!

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It really is difficult to go in to it much as I don't want friends to lose jobs. I will post more eventually. The company is very random you wouldn't expect it, but much better than Turkish Airlines.


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Friend you're giving a fright to me! I hoped that Turkish Airlines will help us to sign Messi ...

But we must not lose hope, there are other companies also sponsor Messi, companies such as Fifa, Pepsi, Gatorade, WeChat, Dolce & Gabanna, StorkMan, Audemars Piguet, Adidas, Herbalife, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear, H & S or Ooredoo.

I hope it's one of them and not lose hope !.

(This is only a joke)

But Seriously, thanks for the info and I hope your information With Expectation. Thank You.

By the way, the the fact that they are not going to put on our shirts Turkish Airlines also means they will not have any agreement with us, because they may not appear on our shirts next season but that might not mean that we do not have a sponsorship agreement.


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those pics are taken in a garage :P LOL

LOL! Yes, it is very rare, but can be a garage or factory-shirt. The truth is that these shirts are very similar to those shirts that someone put in this forum.




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