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Best moment of 2014


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So...the title says all. What is your favourite moment about Chelsea in 2014?

For me, it has to be Ba goal vs PSG. Actualy whole game becuase that was true spirit. True Chelsea

AND ALSO HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YA :blue scalf: :yay::dance::getin: :dude: :beer: :tophat: :woo: :drunk::delight::tiphat:

Lots of :whisky: tonight, but as long its safe. Fuck it, drink as much as you can tonight ;)

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

1. Masterclass performance against City in the league back in February

2. Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal

3. The second leg against PSG

4. Beating Liverpool twice at Anfield, including costing them the league title (and of course Gerrard's slip)

5. Torres (finally!) gone from the club

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For me its the game against Liverpool. Mourinho tells you my reason: "I felt that day was a day that (Liverpool) were ready for their celebration. I used the word with my players. I said - we are going to be the clowns. They want us to be the clowns in the circus. The circus is here. Liverpool are to be champions"

Can't believe its been 8 months since then.

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Gerrard's slip. It's not even about Gerrard. Gerrard is Liverpool. So Liverpool slipped. Liverpool fell. Liverpool failed. And it was simply amazing. Just thinking about inevitable wankfest if Liverpool won the league, with that average team as well.... I'll never get the history thing in football. Liverpool won many trophies in the 70s and 80s, so what? How does that matter? Those times are gone. It's about now. Chelsea won the CL in 2012. It was nice. But it's over. Time for a new CL victory.

But that's just me.

The signings. Quite a shift in the quality of newcomers. Nemanja, Cesc, Diego. Wonderful additions. Hope the club keeps it up.

The end of Torres. I thought he was gonna stay until the very end of hisi contract. Thank you Milan for the gamble. Too bad it didn't pay off (who didn't see that coming? Not talking to you delusional people).

Chels didn't win anything so no really big moments for me. May 2015 bring some big, shiny trophies and some big, shiny players to West London.

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Last ssn:

Signing Matic

1-0 vs City (Matic's 1st game where he bullied Yaya)

6-0 v Arsenal (on Wenger's 1,000th game LOL)

4-0 v Spurs

2-0 v L/pool (Gerrard's slip made it that much better)

2nd leg v Psg

This ssn:

Signing Fabregas / Costa / Filipe

Return of the King

Courtois returning & putting in the performances he has

3-0 v Spurs

The quality of football we played vs Shackle (5:0) & Crystal Palace (2:0)

Getting rid of Torres

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