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A Tough Early Saturday

Special Juan

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Early Kick Offs are never easy, dark winters morning, frost on the ground and every man and his dog including Spot talking about our 'Unbeaten Run' The morning began with me and the lad creeping around the house trying not to wake the house up- It was a quick breakfast without breath, slowly shut the door and head for the station. The usual pre-match chat was of line-ups, Matic's suspension and of course how difficult a game this would be based on Jose's record up at Newcastle.

The journey was a good one, with an ale or two I might add, just to take off the morning chill and make a boring train ride every so slightly easier. We arrived in Newcastle on time and made a bee-line for the local Burger King for a lining on the stomach and some pre-match belly filler so food was done and dusted within minutes and just an after thought. My phone rang and it was my pal who had made the long journey from Surrey, his dulcet tones slightly drowned out by the clinking of glasses so I knew we weren't meeting outside the ground........to the boozer we headed.

We got to the boozer and the atmosphere was already better in here than at Sunderland the week previous, people fighting over the buffet and English Breakfast and only me fighting for the bar. Whilst talking I happened to turn to the side, on the big screen was the lads arriving at The Sports Direct Arena- Jose smiling.....This was going to be alright, "Jose has got this" to which my pal said "We are unbeaten man, this will be a push over" I wish he hadn't said it because me and the lad agreed on the train there was to be no more talk of the unbeaten run when we got to Newcastle. We no sooner got there and I was being pulled out and made to down my second pint, the ground awaits but on the plus side, more ale and a chance to chant.

On our climb to the ground we could hear small noises "Top of the league" well we were......no matter what happened. The chanting got louder and it would be rude not to join in so me and the boy joined in the rendition of "CAREFREE" whilst mingling with a few drunks and jolly boys from the Matthew Harding Stand. We headed for the Leazes End and the chanting becoming more echoed as we were ushered under the gantry. I had to decline an interview with some German broadcasting company because my speech and voice was on the way out, maybe next time chaps. The last time I was hear was when Cudicini was sent off and Wayney Bridge was stretchered off, and Kluivert was the match winner on a day that was colder than Saturday and had snow.....it was already better.

We approached the entrance before our 50 mile descent into the gods- The lads entering the ground were met with "It's Only a Pound Arry Up" our friend from CFCUK Fanzine trying like big issue seller to move on the last remaining copies of the best programme around. After a few beers we made our way to the seats- On the walk up to the seat you could visibly make out the Diego Costa banner "I go into battle and you come with me" little did we know it was going to be a battle. Have to say the Newcastle fans made little noise, the only noise came when Pappis 'Fucking' Cisse smashed home the first and followed it with another a short time afterwards. Deja Vu again Chelsea fans, we still can't win here.........By this time Jose had played all his subs, everything including the kitchen sink was going at the Geordies only for the Munich hero to snatch a goal to keep us all on the edge of our seats for the remaining minutes.

I did something I never do, I left early due to catching the train, or it was leave it and sit in a station for 3 hours extra- Not a chance, beaten 2-1 I needed home, my boy needed home and my belly needed more ale and a takeaway to try and wipe away a torrid day on the road. We left the ground to the smattering of Geordie fans buzzing, as you would be, just taken the scalp of the best team in the league, and even though you knew we were beaten, the sound of the full time whistle still hurt, even the Policeman we walked past did a dance.....The train station was busy and full of the usual ecstatic Geordie fans.....I turned to my lad and said "Don't worry mate we will be back" and he replied "That's football dad"

We didn't deserve to win in my opinion, we just never showed up in most areas, and in a way I am damn sure that stupid tag of invincible's has now floated away down the Tyne, and I am damn sure glad we lost it to Newcastle and not that horrible lot from the Lane. Back to winning ways this Wednesday against Nani and his merry men, no problem there for me, and then onto Hull this Saturday. Let's embrace what we have, were still the best team in the country, we still have the best the fans in the country and whilst our visit up north wasn't good for the second week running we are still in a great position.........."Fuck em alllllllll"

Chin up and have a great Xmas everyone......


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