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Chelsea v Sporting Lisbon


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Lets start with our best fullbacks hmm? Also Fabregas might as well play seeing as he misses the Hull game.

This please, I want to see Luis/Azpi.
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AKA the 'Put your FM hats on and come up with a mix of the yoof and the no-hopers' fixture.

:lol: I was thinking as such.


I want to see that Costa-Drogba combination again. I know our base formation requires 2 cms and 3 ams, but I think today was a great insight into the Drogba knock down for Costa to score.. They can do it for each other too because Costa is quite strong.

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I don't wanna see a single face of those who started today on Wednesday. When we don't rotate here, all is lost.






or something like this. Practice for the young guns and rest for our starters is all we need now. If we lose, Schalke are out, so a part of me even hopes we do.

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Maybe Christansen, Solanke or Baker too.

I hope Mou plays this team for sporting and Derby. I dont realy care if we lose as long as we test our alternatives and give younger players a chance. We are already first in CL and I dont care about Carling, so from my point we can lose both games if thats the price to test youngsters. But most probably Mou will want to keep his results clean and keep clean sheets and will maybe make change or two while playing reserved for both games...I hope Im wrong and he actualy does something to see how alternatives function and not just look at his results all the time...

Its weird team I know, but I fucking demand that Mou rests as many starters as possible and plays as many subs as possible. Some need rest and others need chance to prove. That said, I am sure Mou will play Matic, at least one of Hazard/Oscar, Iva on Rb again, maybe even Cesc. Shit.

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Mo will need to get his TomTom out for this one. Doubt he remembers where Stamford Bridge or his place on the subs bench even is. Maybe he'll get a 10 minute run around if Baker, Boga or Mourinho's son gets tired.

Harry, I'm honestly tempted to ban you. I really am.

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