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Jimmy Greaves has better scoring record than Ronaldo & Messi

the wes

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For now... in 4 years time probably not. He is one of the greatest English player though.

You think either will catch up him? I honestly doubt it. Messi is over 100 goals away and Ronaldo is 30 this season.

Of course, the records can't be compared because of the completely different eras, though...

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If he stays fit it looks virtually certain that Messi will overtake Greavsie but Jimmy's records are remarkable all the same. For example, he scored 9 goals in 14 appearances for Milan at a time when Catenaccio was king, and when 1-0 was considered a high scoring game in Italy. His 41 league goals for us in 1960/61 (40 appearances) is still our single season record, and remember Greaves spent his entire Chelsea career carrying a relegation-calibre side virtually on his own. As soon as he left we were relegated. Wayne Rooney has now surpassed Greavsie's tally of goals for England but it took him an extra 44 games to do it. Forty-four!

It saddens me sometimes that many Chelsea fans seem unaware that one of football's all-time greats was a youth product of this club, and that they frequently give a different answer to the one I offer when asked to name the best Chelsea player ever. Hazard? Wonderful, love him. Zola? Magical, love him. The King? Forever my favourite player, but the best? There really is only one answer to that question, and it's not even close. At his peak Jimmy Greaves was, by miles, the best at his position and would have been an almost unanimous pick for everybody's World XI. England's greatest ever goal scorer, arguably the best pure finisher who ever lived, Jimmy remains one of only two genuinely world class footballers to have come through at Chelsea.

Oh for a Greavsie indeed.

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Greavsie is the best forward England have produced since the second world war. I only saw him play for West Ham right at the end of his career but if you look at old clips of him for Spurs and England he was something special. If only Chelsea could have kept him.

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7 hours ago, the wes said:

Ronaldo broke greaves scoring record 


First of all, congratulations to Ronaldo. Those are remarkable numbers.

It's a shame for Jimmy that he ruined himself with alcohol. As early as 1961 he was hitting the bottle to a degree which damaged his fitness. There's a story told of his time at Spurs when a teammate complained to Bill Nicholson that Greaves was, "Standing around on the half way line doing nothing again." The Spurs manager replied, "Yes, and when you score 40 goals a season you can go and stand there with him!"

The truth hidden by that anecdote, is that Jimmy couldn't have worked harder even if it was his inclination. The booze sapped away his fitness and his record, as amazing as it is, does not do justice to his talent.

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1. Cristiano Ronaldo | 368 goals
2.Jimmy Greaves | 366 goals
3. Gerd Muller | 365 goals
4.Lionel Messi | 346 goals
5. Steve Bloomer | 317 goals
6. Dixie Dean | 310 goals
7. Delio Onnis | 299 goals
8.Gordon Hodgson | 287 goals
9. Alan Shearer | 283 goals
10. Silvio Piola | 274 goals


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On 17/05/2017 at 11:14 PM, the wes said:

Ronaldo broke greaves scoring record 


Something else to remember about Renaldo's record compared to Greavsie's is the fact that when the Madrid striker broke Jimmy's record, he was already a year older (32) than the age at which Greaves retired (31).

It was sixty years ago yesterday that the greatest footballer ever to grace this club was given his first team debut. Seventeen year old Jimmy Greaves made his first appearance away at White Hart Lane against Spurs. He scored of course.

Here is a nice article from TOCWS.

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