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Theres No Chelsea In Moscow?


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Taken this from another Chelsea website:

Agree with you about the tickets, there is no way we sold 21000 tickets. There were hundreds of mancs or Russian mancs in the Chelsea end at both corner flags. I reckon there was max 15000 genuine Chelsea fans in the ground.

The bars around moscow was embarrassing, I didn't find one which was not mobbed with utd fans singing that irritating Ronaldo song. Were there any Chelsea pubs? I didn't find one.

Was it just me or did anyone else think that we were outnumbered by the Mancs 2 to 1. The stadium, from where I was to the left of the goal, appeared to be 2 thirds Mancs, we even had a big block of them to the left of our end and lots dotted about. The Russians near me seemed to be singing Spartak Moscow songs.

The flags are getting a bit old hat now, is there any reason they can't vary the design ie CL or Carling Cup version?.

there was even a small group of Chelsea fans singing 'There's no Chelsea in Moscow' which was hard to hear...

... but they had a point... inside the ground I was surrounded by russians who couldnt speak a word of English, where I was in section 5 - top right of our end there must have been more russians in there than English Chelsea... which made it very difficult to try and get an atmosphere goin!!!

Look I was directly behind the goal up the back and one at least 3 occasions 3 different Chelsea fans got up (loads of people actually siting down)and were screaming at everyone to 'start f****** singing ' , two young lads next to me were going mad at the bloody russians who were in the majority at the back to make some noise. I wish it wasnt true I really do. It did remind me of the CC final , even during the rest breaks in xtra time all I could hear was united

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Had of the final been held in a more reputable European City like Paris,Amsterdam,Madrid etc,we would of had more of a genuine support.

A pal of mine went to Moscow and he told me how Chelsea fans were forced to stay in the fanzone's in Red Square.Some had to stay there for 6 hours+.

What a way to spend a day :whistling: .

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Then there were the plane at Gawtiwck that broke
Good point Layla.Those fans whose flight was cancelled would of been able to board an alternative flight had of the final been in a more closer European City,as Moscow is an aproximate 5/6 hour flight,that does not include the 3 hour wait clearing customs,there was no chance for those fans.

I would of been proper vexed had i of been among those whose flight got cancelled.I hope they get refunded.

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