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The media hate us and love ManU because:

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a) Chelsea have the diving Drogba and Manu have got er...Ronaldo

B) Chelsea have got players like Ashley Cole who disrespect refs and ManU have got, er, Rooney

c) Chelsea have run up unsustainable losses and Manu owe, er, £750 million

d) Chelsea are full of foreigners and ManU have, er, Tevez, Vidic, Evra, Ronaldo, Park, Nani, Anderson....

e) Chelsea always whinge after defeats whereas Fergie, er....

f) Chelsea's fans are glory hunters whose fans don't come from the local area whereas Manu's are, er, not attracted by their success at all and come come from, er, Surrey

g) Chelsea have won loads of trophies in the last few years while Manu have, er, just won back to back Premierships, 11 Prems in all, 2CLs.....

h) Chelsea pick a negative formation and try and defend a 1-0 lead in big games whereas Utd, er, Camp Nou...

I) Chelsea have sold their soul to a foreign owner whereas ManU have, er, ....

j) Chelsea is just one big marketing operation aimed at shifting merchandise on a global scale. ManU on the other hand...

k) Chelsea just buy up all the top talent for silly prices, while ManU just rely on homegrown talent and bargain buys like, er, Rooney, ferdinand, Tevez, Ronaldo, Hargreaves, Carrick....

Nice one whoever wrote it.

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If Jose had waited around for the ref like Fergie did no doubt it'd be the main talking point

And hmm I wonder if Ronaldo had done what JT did and the emails about it did make the forums would they have been printed in the paper?

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Brilliant post mate.

I disagree with that mate. They hate him because he dives and acts like a child at times.

but so does Ronaldo and Rooney and Gerrard yet half the time they turn a blind eye.'Oooo he fell over cause of his feet'

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