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who would be the perfect replacement of drogba ?

who would be the perfect replacement of drogba ???  

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  1. 1. who would be the perfect replacement of drogba ???

    • Eto'o
    • Berbatov
    • Jan Huntelaar
    • Ibrahimovic
    • Adriano
    • Villa
    • Mario Gomez
    • Toni

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I voted for badboy's mate Huntelaar.ET is another Drogba,Villa does'nt want to play for us anyway,so why should we give him attention?.

Will be interesting to see Huntelaar at Euro 08 for the Oranje.He could just be our man to replace the 'stupid slapper'

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I dont really think the Lone striker HAS to be physical and good in the air. Certainly it helps but it is not the most important thing. The striker has to be able to stay high up pitch and not drop deep. When were at our best with the 4-3-3 scoring plenty of goals and playing great football our front 3 was Duff, Robben and Eidur, Eidur isn't a target man but because we had excellant wingers it meant he got the chances and he is clever enough to bring others into the game without having to be big and strong in the air.

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I vote for Eto'o even tho hes nothing like Drogba, hes one of the best strikers ive ever seen. He didnt play much for Barca in the last year and he dont look happy but he seems to score all the time and he still out shone Henry and Ronaldinho. Hes one of the best strikers in the world and most importantly hes proven.

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Gomez. Have been able to watch him at the Bundesliga.

He scores at Stuttgart though the team isn't that well built, so I'm looking forward to see him at a better team, where he can get more assists. The fact that he's young and talented makes him perfect for us imo.

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I would like to see someone young so Huntelaar would be good untill he gets used to team we have anelka. Berbatov is good but i dont like him because i think he has problems with ego like drogba. Ibrahimovic would be great but imposible to sign.

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Ibrahimovich is the most over rated player to ever grace a football pitch. Torres is gonna come for £50m......ok lol that might just not quite happen.

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That guy Gomis, really gives you an impression of Drogba.

Well Benitez can shove Torres up his arse. He isnt worth 50 million

Not sure how Huntelaar will pair well with Anelka. Drogba and Anelka would have been a Killer of a pair.

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Voted Huntelaar, the only problem i have with the foreign strikers is, can they hack the EPL? thats the only issue we face in signing any of the players stated. i thought Andriy Shevchenko could handle the Premiership easily.

I was proved wrong. in my eyes shevchenko's is still one of the best strikers in Europe.

But Can these strikers handle the premiership, thats the question we all need to ask ourselves.

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Eto'o made nasty anti-Chelsea comments, until he apologises, out of the question

Berbatov moody and a tad overrated

Jan Huntelaar doesn't create like drogba but a better finisher nonetheless

Ibrahimovic great striker but a choker

Adriano tremendous potential but fucked up in the head

Villa my favourite striker but his strength is as a second striker

Toni too old..

That leaves Mario Gomez :D

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One reason, why Drogba is considered the best is because

1) Ball Control..Excellent.

2) Strength and Pace.

3) Great in the air, Good at Free Kicks, Good at Penalties.

4) Class Finisher.

Gomis is like drogba, but I am not sure how good he is at free kciks and penalties and ball control.

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