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Loïc Rémy


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I'm surprised he hadn't a thread yet. But anyway

Loïc Remy, current Marseille's versatile striker. Came through the ranks at Lyon, never got a chance there (yet Benzema, Ben Arfa from the same 1987 generation did) and was loaned at Lens under Jean Pierre Papin's disastrous spell (Lens relegated in Ligue 2 after finishing 5th the season before). Signed for Nice where he was the main asset to provide goals (30 goals in two seasons) in a team facing relegation.

He was expected to sign for Marseille but doctors did find a cardiac problem. After more analysis it appears he hadn't the problem expected and signed for OM.

He has 43 goals in 105 games (18 + 25 in all competitions including Internationals) in two seasons

His stats sheets (I was too lazy to be precise just above)


I was wondering if we couldn't eventually enter on the market for him. We got Azpi for a friendly price and they want money (and incidentally Kakuta too).

He could be the player we need as a different player from Torres: Rémy likes to cut crosses, he's an increadible heading player despite his size (1.85m, 6 ft 1⁄2 in). He used to play on the wings because of his quality to dribble, he's good and quick on the ball. His movements are good and he has a huge potential in front of goal.

I always though he'd fill a central position somewhere and have a great career (no, I'm absolutely not linking Remy's possible career to the carrer of the Martiniquais player he's been compared for years. No, not at all)

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RMC Sport claiming that we're after Remy. Wouldn't say no to signing him, he's class.

From what I've seen, RMC Sport is a decent source for this stuff? Maybe SeB could educate us on this matter? ;)

edit: Here's a link too in case someone is interested:


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That's usually reliable, they hear about the deals several days before it's official. They aren't investigators but relay informations.

I've just turned on RMC


Okay. If you're listening to that, be sure to keep us updated if something new comes up!

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Speaking about fucking Nadal. I switched off the radio


Three English Cmubs on Remy.

Les Spurs, qui cherchent toujours un attaquant supplémentaire, n’ont pas lâché la piste de Rémy et réfléchiraient à faire une offre pour l’olympien. Un transfert qui pourrait être favorisé par le départ deVan der Vaart qui devrait s’engager avec Hambourg. Selon nos informations, Manchester City, qui a des problèmes pour finaliser un accord avec Swansea pour l'ailierScott Sinclair, pense à Rémy. City s’est ainsi renseigné auprès de l’OM. Dernier club entré dans la danse, Chelsea, également à la recherche d'un attaquant, d'autant plus qu'on parle d'un départ de Daniel Sturridge pour un autre club de Premier League, et que Porto refuse de revoir l’indemnité de transfert de Hulk à la baisse.


As VdV may sign for Hamburg (not convinced of that, having the #10 in any team should satisfy his ego enough), Spurs may make an offer

Manchester City could make an offer as they can't finalise a deal for Sinclair (Swansea will manage to get more than £10m for Sinclair after refusing the £6,5m bid, that's classic! :lol:)

And Chelsea may make an offer as Sturridge is on his way out (bullshit) and Porto doesn't want to low their demands on Hulk.

Sturridge to Liverpool or spurs, I can see it happening

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Duncan Castles also reckons we are in for him

Nice. Surely that's another promising sign to indicate that we are at least looking into the possibility of signing him, Castles is not one to talk bullshit about this kind of stuff just to get attention. He also says that Man City are after him too, but no mention of Tottenham who have widely been rumoured to be the favourites to sign Remy for a long time now.

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