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Everton v Chelsea


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He's defending all game in our 18y, people were even praisin his defending earlier this game!

But he can't track every run of Coleman can he?

Chelsea is playing crap cause only thing they do is defend since the 0-2...

just watched moses play against city. covered EVERY run of sagna's plus was a handful on counters.

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Not every piece of criticism is scapegoating.

Let's all be fucking honest - Hazard has days where he just doesn't turn up. Now he can give himself a kick up the arse and light it up this half, but that's down to him.

When we do recover possession, there is ACRES of space but no-one seems willing to actually take control.

Don't get me wrong, criticism is ok, he was at fault. He's just never gonna be good defensively, I don't agree he was lazy.

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Idd, it was expected by going up 2 goals that early.

Yeah, when a team goes down by two goals, mentally they make more decision to go forward and they naturally push you back. And if they're as good on the ball as Everton, they pin you back. It's not a tactical decision to sit back and defend.

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That's where we are desperately missing Oscar today.

I didn't want to be the one to say it, but we've missed Oscar a lot in this match.

The way he bites the midfield and holds the ball. You're up 2-0, you hold the ball, don't simply sit waiting the other team...

Oscar presses, cancels players from opposition and holds the ball. Exactly what we needed.

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Either we score another or they will...Hazard needs to wake up in the second half and put his best in attack or at least track back. Matic to be more calm on the ball, way too many lost balls from him. Lock the midfield and we will win, if they start battering us again, we will concede.

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