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Hello from Arkansas USA


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I am relatively new to following the sport full time having followed international competitions for the past 12 years or so. I grew up with American football/basketball/baseball mostly like the majority of sporting fans here.

I have been to London twice in my lifetime and attended my only live match at Stamford Bridge as a youngster.

I have fallen in love with the sport and when it came time to adopt a Epl side it was a natural choice. I am a lifelong Kentucky basketball fan and the parallels are there as well being a massive team in their respective sports and both in blue and white.

When I follow a team it is a lifelong commitment and one I take seriously.

I feel I am coming in at a perfect time. Shortly after I began following Chelsea the signings of Cesc, Costa, Luis, and return of Courtois came quick and have me very excited for this coming season.

I am familiar with many of the players from international competition and from general lurking around watching for fun rather than as a specific fan of any side.

I am hoping for a warm welcome here. I am aware that unlike with my other teams I am a newcomer without any credibility as a fan but I expect that to change over time.

Please forgive any ignorance I may display. Football in the states has been ignored by the media and fans during most of my lifetime so there are many like myself that are still learning. I am hopeful that this generation will change that trend as well as bring far more elite American athletes to the game.

I don't think the US gets the respect internationally that it deserves considering that virtually all our best athletes go into 3 other sports before football is even considered. Imagine if the same effort were put forth here that is in other countries. More children here now play football than any other sport but the elite athletes still gravitate to the big 3 sports and the goal is to change that.

Sorry for the rant, it is in my nature to do so. I am happy to be here and look forward to sharing many great moments with you.

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Not so much as a welcome? Tough crowd haha.

On a side note. I am working on my degree in political science with an international specialty. I would like to move out of this country at some point following graduation.

The question I have for those in England especially anyone who has moved into the UK from outside the EU is this. How difficult is it to make a move from the US to the UK? Would a degree from here in Political Science allow me to find employment suitable to gain a work permit as I have heard those are difficult to obtain.

Any input would be helpful,

thanks in advance

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Welcome. It's the start of the season so people are bit pre-occupied with the Premier league, Europa League, Champions League, and all the other European Leagues that they follow.

This isn't a site about credibility it's the interwebz after all. Although I will warn you some the player comparison threads can get a bit nasty.

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