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Sergio Ramos


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Expanding on what Esk was saying, I read today that he doesnt feel as though he is 'liked' by the rest of the players or the board at RM. Traditionally they don't pay their defensive players anywhere near what they pay their attacking players and I think thats probably whats annoyed him - as he's obviously a great player, and probably deserves paraty with the likes of Robben, Sneijder, Raul etc.

We've benefitted from this before with Maka, so hopefully we can again. I'd love to see him here, as long as its not for the £50m thats been said.

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He can play as defensive midfielder +10 other things about him (Chelsea Pies)

1) His lady friend Elisabeth Reyes (pictured) has simply no idea how to sit on chairs properly. (pic didnt paste, boooo!!)

2) Ramos isn't his surname at all. He lies. His real name is García.

3) His mother has the rather strange name of Paqui

4) His brother (Rene) is his agent.

5) Nobody seems to know his best position. He can play right or central defender, but also as a defensive midfielder.

6) Sergio has a tiny dog called Odi, who according to his website, he loves "very much."

7) Sergio has made an oath never to cut his hair off.

8) Sergio has numerous tattoos, including one in tribute to those who died in the September 11 attacks.

9) Sergio's teammates call him "pajero" or "gypsy". Shame Lenny Pidgley isn't still at Chelsea, they could have bonded.

10) He loves flamenco music. This is not a sweeping slightly racist stereotype. He genuinely loves it.

11) If he had not become a football player, Sergio would be bullfighter. (Again, not racist, he genuinely said this.)

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for me...Chelsea really need a top class wingers like robben( totally miss him as a Chelsea player)...Chelsea doesn't have a gd crosser from the sides...although malouda's cross is gd...he is not fast enuff for the league...

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Seems like a good player but I don't think he is worth 50 mil. Philipp Lahm would be a good signing imo and will probably cost much less. Either way, one of Belletti and Ferreira will have to go this summer...:(

The Barcelona cunt can go :chai:

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Rumours are heating up that we're about to take on José Mourinho head on. This and this story claims we're going to launch a €30million (about £25 milion) bid for Sergio Ramos

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I don't like the player, he's overrated in my opinion. All the topclubs have better left backs then Sergio Ramos if you ask me. I rather see him stay in Madrid then joining us.

Bosingwa and Ivanovic are better.

I agree

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