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Chelsea vs Bolton


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Chelsea vs Bolton Wanderers
Premier League, 11 May, 15:00 KO, Stamford Bridge


Chelsea take on Bolton Wanderers in their final Premier League game of the campaign.

A win for the Blues, coupled with dropped points at Wigan for Manchester United, would see the Blues crowned Champions of the FA Premier League for the third time in four seasons. The top two are currently separated by United's superior Goal Difference, but all that would count for nothing if Chelsea gained three points against Gary Megson's side and if United falter at the JJB Stadium.

Recent history in these fixtures favours both title contenders, though Chelsea need not be reminded of the 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge against Bolton last campaign which effectively ended their title charge. The Blues enjoyed a 5-1 victory against the Trotters in 2005, and their overall record against the northeners would suggest three points for the Blues.

Manchester United's record at Wigan is excellent, but the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Nani and Carlos Tevez may find it difficult to enjoy the expansive football played by the title favourites, and manager Steve Bruce would love nothing more than a victory against his former manager and mentor, Sir Alex Ferguson.

The title is very much a huge possibility for the Blues. Keep the Blue flag flying high!

Match chat here!

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It's gonna be horrible waiting for the Man Utd score on the scoreboard every five minutes.

Also that last part needs sorting.

Steve Bruce is so far up Alex Fergusons arse I'm surprised he can shit.

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lol botlon are shit but not shit enough to concede 25+ goals ha ha

and wigan have got Emile Heskey up front so dont really see him bagging the same amount ha ha ha

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Gana be horrible not being able to see the sodding scoreboard lol.In Shed Lower...up though lap of honour closey close lol

Erm 1-0 me thinks,revenge for last season and we like winning the league against Bolton...

Arg that sodding Hesky goal lol

Come on Wigan do us a favour!

Werid to think,few weeks ago we were 5 behind now wam lol

And funny to think when Gallas cried like Arsenal had just lost the league.He was right!

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I think they'll have the Chelsea/Bolton and Wigan/Utd scorers both on the scoreboard, like they did last season during the Chelsea/Bolton and Everton/Utd games.

Would be weird if they played the Utd game on the big screen whilst ours was being played. That would make things tense in the crowd.

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I think, The Wigan vs Man Utd score will be put up on the scoreboard.

Man Utd, will be under immense pressure. When you know that only a win on the last day of the league will guarantee you the title, it wouldnt be easy. I hope Man Utd panic, and all the shots on goal go haywire. I would be happy with a 1-1draw at JJB. All I want is Man UTd to not score in the first half. It would be the most tensed 45 mins of their life, the second half and they could develop cold feet.

Oh and Btw...3-0 to us. Lamps, Ballack and Anelka on the scoresheet.

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I think we'll be reallly rampant on Sunday and give Bolton a real good pasting!!!

it wont be enough though as United will get the win they need at Wigan

Chelsea 4-0 Bolton Wanderas

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Early preview this week. Because just as my luck would have it, tomorrow (the 9th) is my wife’s birthday. And with this glorious event comes to the need for me to leave the comfort of my own home and go away for the weekend. Which means leaving my television, and not being able to watch the match until Sunday night when I get back. Lucky guy ain’t I?
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I think we'll end up with the three points but I don't think we'll win the title. United will win at Wigan I think, but if we can end up with the same amount of points as the Champions then I'll be pretty chuffed.

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We've had a fucking devastating season.

Sacking our greatest manager ever a few weeks into the season, a cobbled management at the helm since, yet still taken Manchester ' greatest team ever' United right to the wire.

Appearance wise as well we've been behind Ronaldo United

Cech 25 - Van Der Sar 28

Terry 22/Carvalho 21 - Ferdinand 34/Vidic 31

Drogba 16 - Ronaldo 30

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