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House of Cards


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Yeah season 2 is better and more insane :D

Some of the storylines are way too far-fetched though. I mean, it doesn't have to be realistic but some of the stuff they show is just to make him seem ridiculously "evil" and for no other purpose. Pretty unbelievable imo. But still it's a load of fun, all the characters (with the exception of Zoey) are good and it's well-acted!

I definitely think it was a mistake for them to renew it for a third season. Should've ended with the second tbh

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Normally it should, but maybe people will pay for their actions in season 3.

Yeah, I mean now that it's renewed, I'm obviously looking forward to it since it's a lot of fun! But idk, I've just generally had a negative experience with shows that lasted wayyy too long (BSG, Dexter, House, Weeds, Downton Abbey, Homeland and so on) just because the network/show runners wanted to continue milking the show. Thankfully HoC is just 12/13 episodes long, though. The storylines are pretty packed and they don't really get aimlessly dragged out. I trust them to come up with some decent material for season 3.

But you could tell that some stuff was just weird in season 2... Some of the mini arcs just randomly introduced and then dropped... In the end a couple were quite pointless imo. Not mentioning anything specific as I don't want to give anything away. I'm on my phone right now so not sure how to get the spoiler tag to work :D

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This show is amazing! Watched Season 1 and 2 in the space of 3 days.

Have this show on my mind a lot as i've not been hooked on a TV program since 24, so House of Cards really stands out for me. Love Frank Underwood, he has the best quotes and his character is so manipulative that's its enjoying to watch. So as he act im thinking 2-3 steps ahead of why he does what he does.

Some of his best quotes ".....Democracy is so over-rated", "Ruthless Pragmatism",,"Hunt or be Hunted"... not gonna lie though also Claire is up there with Frank. They are the heart-beat of the show and their characters are so synchronized. Love the Show.

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