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Chelsea's birthday - March 10th (109 years)


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Happy birthday my dear Chelsea. We love you. KTBFFH.

In 1896, Henry Augustus "Gus" Mears, football enthusiast and businessman, along with his brother, Joseph Mears, purchased the Stamford Bridge Athletics Ground in Fulham, West London, with the intention of staging first-class football matches there, though they had to wait until 1904 to buy the freehold, when the previous owner died. They failed to persuade Fulham Football Club to adopt the ground as their home after a dispute over the rent, so Mears considered selling to the Great Western Railway Company, who wanted to use the land as a coal-dumping yard.

Mears' colleague Fred Parker was trying unsuccessfully to dissuade him. Parker later recounted what happened next:

“Feeling sad that the old ground would be no more, I walked slowly by his [Mears'] side when his dog, coming up from behind unobserved, bit me so severely through my cycling stockings as to draw blood freely. On telling the owner "Your damned dog has bitten me, look!" and showing him the blood, instead of expressing concern he casually observed, "Scotch terrier; always bites before he speaks."
The utter absurdity of the remark struck me as so genuinely funny that although hopping about on one foot and feeling blood trickling down, I had to laugh heartily and tell him he was the "coolest fish" I'd ever met.
A minute later he surprised me by slapping me on the shoulder and saying, "You took that bite damned well, most men would have kicked up hell about it. Look here, I'll stand on you; never mind the others. Go to the chemists and get that bite seen to and meet me here at nine tomorrow morning and we'll get busy"."
Thus on a whim, Mears changed his mind and decided to take Parker's advice to instead found his own football club to occupy Stamford Bridge.
Chelsea Football Club were founded on 10 March 1905 at The Rising Sun pub, (now The Butcher's Hook) opposite today's main entrance to the ground on the Fulham Road. Since there was already a team named Fulham in the borough, the name of the adjacent borough, the Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea, was settled on after London FC, Kensington FC and Stamford Bridge FC had been rejected. Blue shirts were adopted by Mears, after the racing colors of Lord Chelsea, along with white shorts and dark blue socks.
Chelsea initially considering joining the Southern League, but were rejected following objections from Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur, so they instead applied for admission to the Football League. Their candidacy was endorsed at the Football League AGM on 29 May 1905; a speech by Parker was particularly important, emphasising the new club's financial stability, its impressive new stadium and marquee players such as William "Fatty" Foulke, the 22 stone goalkeeper who had won a league title and two FA Cups with Sheffield United.
Wallpaper and facebook cover made by me for this unique moment

By your opinion, brightest moments in Chelsea's history are...?

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Congratulations CFC. To another 109 years of glory and amazing moments!!!

Lampard 203 goals


Double in 09/10

Lampard penalty in 2008

2007 FA Cup Final

Back-to-back titles in 04/05 and 05/06

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Congrats to us. 109yrs, we've come a long way.

04/05 - ending 50yrs without the league was the greatest achievement and the springboard for our future success

19-05-2012 - drogba scoring the winning penalty and writing our name in the history books as the first club from London to lift that trophy while fuckin up spurs while we were at it was glorious :Goober:

Lampard becoming the highest goal scorer was a special and emotional moment for me as he is my favourite chelsea player of all time.

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Happy Birthday Chelsea, i'm gonna go buy a cake :yay:

Brightest and the most emotional Chelsea moment for me was when we knocked Barcelona out in the UCL semis, the MUNICH final 2012 and when Frank Lampard scored the penalty against Liverpool 2008.

Love you Chelsea, here 's to many more years of memories :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf:

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Happy 109th birthday Chelsea. My one and only!

.....Still a few years younger than Samuel 'The Chelsea Pensioner' Eto'o. :D

:blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf:

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what could be on the second place in my heart after my family?

of course my favorite club.

what the next word my children saing in their lifes after MOM and DAD?

of course CHELSEA

(sorry guys for some mistakes)

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Munich and away to Bolton 2005

Totally agree!

By far the best two moments i have ever witnessed at this great football club.

Add the double of 2010 and you have for me the three greatest moments in our history.

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getting bigger and bigger in my heart every year :wub: , A lot has happened even since I've been supporting

Wayne Bridge Goal vs Le'Arse :wank2: 2004

Bolton 2005 :blue scalf:

Beating the manures 3-0 2006 :D ,

DD's 118th minute goal vs the manures 2007 :dance:

Jose left :(

Moscow :cry:, 2008

Iniesta 2009 :cry:

Wigan 8-0 , Munich :dance:

King Carlo sacked, 2011 :confused:

Torres Goal vs Barca 2012 :woo:

Munich 19, 05 12 :delight:

signing Hazard, 2012 :getin:,

RDM sacked 2013 :(

Rafa the interim, 2013 :mouthclosed:

Jose Comes Back

This club has been an important part of my daily life

I love you Chelsea, I love you guys ... Blue till I drop dead

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The foundation of joy, memories that will forever be cherished, priceless moments, celebration, heartbreak, anger, nervousness and so many more emotions.
Happy 109th Birthday to Gus Mear’s dream that is now a successful football club that has a place in our hearts.


Some pre-Abramovich moments have not been mentioned above (e.g. FA Cup final 1970, winning our 1st League title).

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