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Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea


Man of the Match  

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  1. 1. Who is your Man of the Match?

    • Cech
    • Ivanovic
    • Cahill
    • Terry
    • Azpilicueta
    • Matic
    • Ramires
    • Willian
    • Oscar
    • Hazard
    • Torres
    • Schurrle (sub)
    • Ba (sub)
    • Chris Foy (Referee)

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So many decisions have gone against us in this game. Torres "offside" that wasn't offside with him through on goal, Hazard handball that wasn't a handball, two ridiculous yellows for Willian, Hazard offside that wasn't an offside. Foul on Ramires when he was the last man. Kick across Schurrle when he was through on goal. How can all these things be a coincidence? When I say Cunt Foy was going to be the ref, I knew we were in trouble.

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Annoying fucking crap referees and blindesman

But still I'm even more annoyed with our ineptitude up top - I don't know who was worse before the sending off Willian; Oscar or Torres.

Can't afford any more points dropped till the end of the season.


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First off. Ramires was a disgrace for putting that sort of 'leg breaker' challenge in!

Now, Chris Foy! Thank you very much for ruining a game of football with your constant knit picking/poor decisions and overall disgraceful performance. I said to my dad at half time that he was dying to send a chelsea player off and it came true sadly.

Delph knew willian was coming and threw himself to the floor, I was shocked to see that card come out for that. Disgusting. Delph should have been booked for diving but alas he is the hero.

These are the sort of referee performances that NEED to be looked at. He needs to be held accountable for his performance today, a massive dent in our title race due to it. I am furious as we lost to a TERRIBLE Aston Villa side who offered next to nothing all game.

Furious. Up the blues. Sod the FA! Ramires, sort it out you tit!!

He's just a fucking cunt.

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I believed all season long that we will win the title but it's over now.... as much as it hurts.

It's our fault, i can blame Chris Foy all night long(he is a utter cunt, Class A fish clitoris smelling cunt!) but it's our players fault!

Hazard didn't show up tonight. Torres was Torres. Oscar had more bad games this YEAR then good ones(you can argue as much as you want but you know this is the truth). Willian was poo. Schurrle was poo. Ba was Ba.

I have no problems with City winning the title. BUT IMAGINE FUCKING LIVERPOOL FINISHG ABOVE US????????????????????????????????????????????? NIGHTMARE!

This was the worst Chelsea game i ever watched in my life, no exaggeration.

Weekend destroyed. Drinking some Jack and going to sleep, can't take this shit.

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