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Damien Duff


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Maybe he isn´t a legend like gudjohnson or hasselbaink, but i liked him very much in the blue shirts

better than in b/w at newcastle.

he was quite funny and a nice guy, i suppose

and there wasn´t a topic concerning damian duff (irish spoken)

and by the way he is a great winger

i also miss robben a lot....he was really a all-time win for us i thing

arjem and damien <3

check it out if you can´t believe

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when watching all these old videos i just can´t believe how fast both, duff and robben , were and what talents they have.

is robben playing any matches for real though

and duff, he can´t be happy in newcastle, can he ?

get those boys back !

i don´t understand the transfers

why buying someone like sheva and not being concerned about keeping players like eidur, damian or arjen ??

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i think with duff and robben we have had two amazing wingers.

okay, we got joe cole for robben and many others to fill the gap, but i still love the style of damien ...

anyway, we don´t have a striker-couple like hasselbaink/gudjohonsen at the moment , have we ?

that es by far more a problem as i thought....

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I always cheer when I see Duff play.

He was a great signing by Ranieri and certainly made a difference to our squad. His pace was outstanding, on the left-hand side he tortured defenders with his runs.

ranieri made a lot of great signings including duff ,robben and cech ....something Jose was never willing to acknowledge

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