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Seen this on another site (Chelsea related site)------very interesting and if its all true it more or less confirms our thinking (the author has stressed its correct after several queried it with him)


I watched the game on television last night with someone who works for Chelsea and was enjoying his first night off for a month; I don't want to put him in the sh*t so I can't reveal what he does but his job entails him being on the bench for games. His comments about Chelsea are interesting indeed and confirm what most of us have been saying on this forum regarding the club. Here are some of them...


He was the most brilliant man he has ever worked for. Had a personal relationship with every single one of the staff. Was the only person in football with whom you could have a conversation about just about anything. His arrogance was for the cameras, away from the game he is mild-mannered, quite and respectful.

He loved everything about the club and wanted to stay for ten years. The reason relations broke down was because Chelsea were becoming Jose's club not Roman's and that wouldn't do. When he said goodbye every single person formed a guard of honour for him to walk through. There wasn't a dry eye amongst them.

All of the players and the backroom staff are in constant contact with the man who always replies to any of their texts almost immediately.


Avram really does absolutely nothing, he just stands around with his hands in his pockets and - as he did in his Pompey days - seems obsessed with setting out the cones. The training schedules are exactly as they were under Jose except that there is none of the analysis of the next opposition with which Jose would furnish the players.

JT's comments about AV half-time talks is all so much sh*t said for the benefit of the club's PR. The truth is that AV's half-time team talks are a joke. He just cannot do angry and when he tries it still comes out as a confused mumble which has seen players snigger at him rather than react. It is only Stevie and Ten Cate who have ears of the players.

When on the bench, he goes through the motions but really has no idea what it going on during games. My contact related one alarming story during the Boro game when AV was at the edge of the pitch gesticulating wildly as we make a substitution. AV turns round to the bench and asks: "what's going on?" where upon Clarke had to tell him that they had put on SWP for Ballack.

Not one player wants to see him as manager next season with many intimating that they would seek a transfer if that was the case.

In fairness to the man, it seems that he also knows he is not up to the job.

The good news is that - as far as my contact is concerned - AV is definitely to be moved upstairs at the end of the season regardless of whether or not we win the Premiership or Champions League.


Stevie Clarke is one of the boys and takes most of the training schedules. Ten Cate does have a lot of input as well but his man role is the bad cop to Stevie's good cop.


Drogba is definitely leaving at the end of the season.

Kalou is very religious and one of the nicest people you could meet.

Ballack is one of the most awesome players my contact has ever worked with. According to the club's own stats he covers more ground than any other player (I know, that really does sound strange!).

In training Riccie looks absolutely dreadful, a pub team player. However during actual games he shows himself to be one of the best centre-backs in the world.

Of all our youth, Gael Kakuta looks the most likely and is, at 16, the best player he has ever seen.


Frank Arnesen has all the influence. Roman loves Dutch football and wants Chelsea to fashioned in the Dutch style. We can expect an influx of Dutch players and management. It seems that Rijkaard already has one foot in the door and my contact fully expects him to be our manager next year. We can also expect Huntelaar and Van de Vaart to be signed.


According to my man, believe what you read in The Sun (yes, The Sun!!) as they get so much right including stuff that goes on behind closed doors that they must have a mole in the Chelsea set-up.

For the record, he is not Chelsea fan but says that the club's set up is now second to none and is the best club he has ever worked for.

I will attempt to keep in touch with this man and see what further information I can garner from him.

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Anybody could pretend to know a mole and say what they want. But if he really is reliable (which we probably can only confirm if all he says will turn into reality), then oh my... It doesn't look rosy. I always suspected that Mourinho's arrogance (I still wouldn't call him arrogant) in front of cameras was just to show that he was comfortable in the chair and feared noone and nothing.

Roman, you have made a huge mistake. You can't fix it, but you can make it better.

For the well-being of our beloved club, let's keep our fingers crossed and head up high !

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Highly questionable. He's stating obvious things, nothing new or dramatical... Saying everything a Chelsea fan wants to hear (except the Drogba part, I think). But it may also be true... God uncertainty and want of knowledge are driving me crazy :P

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