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Ballack - I'm Happy At Chelsea

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Germany midfielder Michael Ballack, has talked of his enjoyment at playing for Chelsea, and pledged his future to the Blues.

Although the 31-year-old, who joined the London club from Bayern Munich in 2006, has been linked with moves away from Stamford Bridge almost since he arrived, he insists he wants to stay with Chelsea.

He told The Sun: "I have no plans to move clubs again.

"I'm playing for an absolute top European club.

"There are more exceptional players here than in Munich and it's a constant fight for positions.

"I have never regretted moving to Chelsea - it's exactly what I wanted.

"You only develop if you have good players next to you and when every game is a challenge.

"When I was with Bayern Munich I won the Double three times in four years, and then we were often eliminated early on in the Champions League. "I wasn't excited anymore about winning the German championship yet again. I was looking for a new challenge."

The Sun & Tribalfootball

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Ballack could be paramount to us beating the Scousers on Wednesday.Has improved immensley since returning from injury on Boxing Day.

Us fans giving him another chance to prove himself after his woeful attitude last season has also inspired him......as well as the 130k a week :D .

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Ballack has been brilliant this season. Granted, he has had his off days, but his overall drive and determination have made his progress become highly obvious. Whilst last season wasn't so bad as many say, it was not the same Ballack as the one we saw at Bayern, but he has stepped up this season with the absence of big players such as Lampard and Essien, and has answered his critics. I hope he finishes his career with us, as he is still a world-class midfielder and his goals are absolutely pivotal to us.

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Ballack's presence is needed. He is past his peak, no doubt. But he's still a good player... Not extraordinary, not bad. Could probably find a player yet to reach his peak for less payroll. But Ballack is experienced and an European player, whose experience will help us towards the glory in Champions League.

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