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Thanks for the answer :) I think you are right in most of it which is a shame - I would really hate to leave either Oscar or Mata out of the starting eleven but I guess we will just have to get used to it :/

I think it's best tbh, as pleasing on the eye as the Mazacar are, we concede far too many goals when the play.

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Willian's heat map vs Man City.

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I think it's best tbh, as pleasing on the eye as the Mazacar are, we concede far too many goals when the play.

I never made the connection between Mazacar and goals conceded. I'm not sure if it's only them because our backs had some shameful displays last season, but you may have a point. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Not just Oscar, Hazard and Mata can be blamed for us shipping goals when they play together. Take into consideration how bad the pivot is sometimes, especially when Lampard played there next to Ramires and Mikel was missing from the team in general. Also Luiz's nativity and lack of positional sense in the pivot was clear to see in some games.

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Anyone else think he's been talking too much since he arrived? I mean he hasn't even played in a Chelsea shirt yet. He's overdoing it, imo. Needs to be quite and let his football do the talking.

A bit.

Na its only Spurs, fuck Spurs.

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Anyone else think he's been talking too much since he arrived? I mean he hasn't even played in a Chelsea shirt yet. He's overdoing it, imo. Needs to be quite and let his football do the talking.

If I would achieve something as prestigious as joining Chelsea in the Premier League I wouldnt stop talking about it either haha

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actually many of those quotes reported by different journos in England were all part of one interview for a Brazilian website. So actually he gave one interview for Chelsea TV and then another for Globo Esporte and that's it. From those two interviews many articles were written by many sites, taking different quotes at a time.

I don't see any exaggeration at all.

Still, the "Chelsea is better than Tottenham in every aspect" is just rude and highly unprofessional.

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Vid transcript from http://sportv.globo.com/site/programas/arena-sportv/noticia/2013/09/willian-quer-matar-um-leao-por-dia-para-disputar-copa-de-2014.html
In case you want to watch the vid, it's the small pic in the left side just under the title - the slow girl here didn't notice the vid at first, hahahaha.

On his journey until he landed at Chelsea
“It’s been a long journey to go to Russia and then come to London. In only five months there were two long trips: from Ukraine to Russia and then from Russia to London, but thanks God for that and I’m very happy with this chance I now have.

On the amount of money spent on him in the time span of 5 months (€35m from Anzhi and then €37m from Chelsea) more than Neymar for Barça
“Yeah… I had a €35M release clause and Shakhtar wasn’t going to accept any less and only Anzhi was willing to pay it. And now this situation with Chelsea was also important because for €37M you have a big responsibility and you have to play well otherwise fans will complain.”

How do you feel wearing this Chelsea-Blue jersey? Does it feel good? Also you’ll have a super star manager and three other Brazilian in the squad, how is that?
“I’m very happy and it couldn’t feel any better wearing this jersey. I’ve always said I've dreamed of playing for Chelsea, and the club tried to sign me two seasons ago, but Shakhtar didn’t release me. But I continued to follow the club. Every time I had days off at Shakhtar I came to London to watch Chelsea in the stadium [i always had trouble understanding why he’d have days off in London, but he made it clear that he left Ukraine and came to London only to watch Chelsea – I have the feels, sorry for the fangirl moment]. Now my dream has come true and I’m very happy. But now I have to work hard under the manager that I consider the best in the world – Mourinho – and I guess I’ll have great prospects of growing under his management.”

Fierce competition in his position
“Those are quality players and I don’t have a secured spot in the team. I’ll have to kill a lion a day for my spot, but of course respecting all the other players.”

There were negotiations with Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea. Why did you choose Chelsea and not Tottenham?
“Those are common situations in a player’s life. That’s how it works, there were clubs interested on me, as you mentioned and what made a difference was my wish to play for Chelsea, my dream to play for them. Also there’s Mourinho who as I said is the best manager in the world. That’s what made a difference for me.

(as this was a live sports TV show, footie commentators were invited to ask him questions then, but the anchor first asked a question to the commentators to link up both studios)

Anchor: Do you think he has a chance to play in the first team? Commentator: I think Mourinho will settle for Eden – Oscar – Willian (but he’s Brazilian, talking in a live football show, so there’s some bias there – although he addresses that it seems like Mata lost some ground with Mourinho and he’ll fight to regain his spot in the team). Question to Willian: Do you think your chemistry with Eto’o could help you to secure a spot in the team?
“Eto’o has become a great friend of mine. He helped me a lot during my brief time at Anzhi. The chemistry will help, we know each other after playing five months for Anzhi. He’s also a very funny guy off the pitch and I’m very happy to have him here as well”

Speaking about Eto’o, he’s now 32, do you think he’s still playing on high level?
“Yes, he is. He’s playing very well and he continues to score goals. He’s a great player undoubtedly.”

Anchor: Willian was very good playing the Champions League last season for Shakhtar. Do you think he could be called for the national team? Commentator: I think he could. He’s much better than many players that have been called. Question: Is it true that Mourinho is a long-time admirer of your football and tried to have you while he was still at Real Madrid?
“Actually I’m surprised by this fact [Mourinho admiring him as a player – the commentator mentioned there were rumors about it]. There had been conversations with some clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, but no official bid was done. And now I have the pleasure to work with Mourinho here at Chelsea, and I think that’s going to be awesome.”

Anchor: Willian what has appealed more to you? Playing for Chelsea or playing under Mourinho? [ :rolleyes: at this question]
“As I said, I already wanted to play for Chelsea and I only wanted it more after Mourinho came back. So when the bid came, I didn’t think twice because it’s a chance to work with a manager that many players want to work with”

Have you thought already about facing Tottenham? They must be upset with you [:lol:]
“Just the other day I was thinking about it how it’s going to be [probably when he watched and liked the vid from the fans in Prague :lol:], but that happens in the world of football. A player has to choose his destination and what’s better for him and I think the best thing for me was choosing Chelsea [i guess that’s the quote that was twisted, but it’s very clear in his words he meant the choice was the best for him, he doesn’t compare the clubs].”

Brazil NT has a problem with center attack midfielders now with both Ronaldinho and Kaká trying to recover their best football. What do you think about it [and your chances]?
“Of course that’s one of my goals. I’ve had a chance when I was called by Mano Menezes. So I have to work hard, give my best and try to have a new chance to be called again.”

Anchor: Is that your biggest goal? To play the World Cup? It’s that you aim to achieve playing for Chelsea now?
“It’s one of my goals. Of course I want to play this World Cup, to be among the 23 that are going. It’s a dream of mine. For that to happen I must have a great season.”

Anchor: When are you going to have your debut for Chelsea? [woah finally a good question :P]
“If everything goes according to plan, on the 14th, against Everton [he didn’t clarify if that’s his plan or Mourinho’s].”

Then they talk about his two daughters still being in Brazil because they couldn’t work their visas yet – which is surprising, didn’t know they could separate parents and children like that if he has a work permit.

ps: I'm dying reading the comments. People making fun of Arsenal is always priceless. Btw a lot of Brazilians asking who is Willian. :blink:

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