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2 hours ago, Arlen Correa said:

Its because any player called to replace Neymar at that point where the shirts numbers were already defined would need to use the 10.

Heh sure, but willian just does not belong. 

Fernandinho too, players who had plenty of opportunities and were distinctly not good enough. #10 just makes it more glaring for willian.

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Willian's heat map vs Man City.

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1 hour ago, Robchels said:

Heh sure, but willian just does not belong. 

Fernandinho too, players who had plenty of opportunities and were distinctly not good enough. #10 just makes it more glaring for willian.

Nt football is different. Willian can be a good option coming from the bench carrying clear/simple instructions.


Fernandinho is a bizarre case though. The manager could call Fabinho who was playing well in the last months, is young and would not irritate the fans, because majority dont like Fernandinho.

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It's been pretty obvious for a while now that our club view Willian completely differently than the fans do. They think he's this big, star player. That's why they repeatedly refused big time bids for him and that's why they now hand him the #10 shirt.

Oh, well. Not something I really care about but it would've been cool to see CHO get it. Probably would've meant a lot to him.

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Hopefully the added responsibility with Hazard leaving and getting the 10 shirt fires a rocket up his ass. He can start playing LW permanently where in my opinion he is at least decent, as his cut-ins are often dangerous. At RW he had to do a lot of crossing which is not his strong point.

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Utterly embarrassing to the highest degree. We are giving an attacking player who averages 5 league goals a season, one who shows up only 1/4 of a season, and one the Brasílian national team just mocked for being selected for the Copa, the most important kit number. This man deliberately insulted Conte and simultaneously threw his daughter under the bus to save his cowardly arse. 

I honestly can’t believe the club have stooped this low. Maybe I’m over exaggerating, but the #10 kit is very valuable to me, and the fact we are giving it to this fraud of a footballer, screams the ambition and standard we are at. 

Rant over. 

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10 reasons why Chelsea making Willian the 10 is just the best idea ever


Chelsea will be giving Eden Hazard’s 10 to Willian. What are 10 totally legit reasons why Willian deserves to wear the number of Chelsea’s best player?

After months of guess work over who will become Chelsea’s new number 10, the Blues made the inspired move of handing it to Willian. No player in the history of Chelsea Football Club has ever been more deserving to wear a number on the back of their shirt. Here are 10 totally serious reasons why it is an amazing decision:

1. His emoji game is on point

It is 2019 and no one in their right mind cares about results on the pitch anymore. No, everyone knows the game is won and lost on social media engagement and Willian is the king of that.

When Chelsea won the FA Cup, Willian celebrated by slapping a trophy emoji over Antonio Conte’s face. What a jokester that man is. Wait, that was his daughter? Well maybe she should be the 10 then but Willian can hold it for her.

2. Kids these days think they are entitled because of their facespaces

Speaking of social media, why is it that the youngsters Callum Hudson-Odoi and Christian Pulisic think they deserve the 10? What have they done to earn it? Get more followers on the Twitter?

These kids do not get to just get to wear an arbitrary number of which meaning has been assigned. No, they have to earn it through blood, sweat, and years of Twitter telling you how bad they are. That is the natural order of things.


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20 hours ago, nyikolajevics said:


Even looking at the words "Willian, best, idea" in the same sentence made me uncomfortable.

lol, that article was taking the piss

3. Chelsea really needs to move some Willian kits

Real talk; how many Willian kits are in the wild? Now compare that to how many Hazard kits there were and how many Christian Pulisic kits there will be when the club finally announces his number (we Matt Miazga kit owners demand answers! There are dozens of us!).

The answer is not many and Chelsea is likely sitting on a lot of Willian kits. Slap a new number on the back and suddenly there is an interest. Or not. Chelsea will try regardless.

4. Barcelona love buying other teams’ 10s

Willian has been linked to Barcelona for a few windows now but nothing has come of it. But all Chelsea needs to do is declare him the 10 and Barcelona will be dropping truckloads of money at Stamford Bridge.

Barcelona love buying other teams’ 10s. They do not know where they are going to use him or how but they just gotta have all the 10s. Give the number to Willian and it will be like cat nip to the Spanish side.


8. He will likely be gone in a year and that will drive another media watch “who will be the 10” round of stories

Without a transfer window, one of this summer’s hottest story lines has been who will get the 10. And like any good story line, the plot must be run into the ground until it loses all of its entertainment value.

Willian will probably leave Chelsea sooner rather than later. If he is the 10, that has the added benefit of sparking an entirely new round of “who will be the 10”. Think of the drama! The clicks! The hashtag campaigns!

9. Chelsea fans really needed something to debate about other than Maurizio Sarri

Overall, the Chelsea community has been feeling pretty good with Frank Lampard in charge. The only real point of contention has been continued argument over Maurizio Sarri and just how much he was pushed out as he walked out the door of his own volition.

It has all got a bit stale what with so much repeated argument over Sarri and joy otherwise. Chelsea fans really needed something else to debate on and who better than Chelsea’s new (un?)deserving 10.

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