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8 minutes ago, manpe said:

Hazard's style is so effective. It's not flashy a la Neymar, but it's effective. Makes a sudden move to show he's cutting in, all he needed was for the defender to take a little step back and off he went on the other side with his crazy acceleration. Willian of course robbed him of that assist, useless.

This. Hazard has been a better player than Neymar since the Brazilian came to Europe. I've seen Hazard play at a certain level in games that not even a great player like Neymar can reach.  Hazard was clearly better in 2013/14, arguably in 2014/15. Was better in 2016/17 and this season as well.  Also more consistent than Neymar. I go into games expecting Hazard to play at a high level in 90% of them. With Neymar it's more like 70-75%. 

It's just ridiculous how Neymar gets more praise with all the marketing, branding and entourage behind him. Eden on the other hand is a simple man off the pitch. 

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Willian's heat map vs Man City.

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14 hours ago, the wes said:



The worst thing about the miss, is not the shot itself but the fact he had all the time in the world to stop the ball and just blast it..

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I think it's finally getting to most of the people, the belief that must of us have had for decades. He just isn't good enough for a club like Chelsea. His defensive work rate saved him under Mourinho, yet now he is called on to show his attacking instincts and it is glaringly missing.

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15 hours ago, DDA said:

Watch us sell him to United and he turns into Ronaldo with Iniestas vision.

I wouldn't go that far 😂😂 but I know what your trying to say I agree tho he will turn out for Mourinho utd team than what he's doing with Chelsea ATM 

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18 minutes ago, Tautvix said:

No point of selling him in January. But really need to do it next Summer.

This really.

16 minutes ago, Fernando said:

Very limited player. 

Said it many times, good for sub, but if we can upgrade, take it. 

Don't mind keeping Willian as a back-up player. Just need to get a world class starter.

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1 hour ago, BlueLion. said:

Been quality in the last couple of matches. How he isn't getting a look in ahead of Fabregas is criminal. 

What do you mean? He started the last game and the game before without Fabregas.

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