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Manchester United - Opposition Views II


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Our own JayC took the time and effort to answer a few questions regarding our match with United tonight. Here's what came up:

-First, how long have you been a United fan?
Twenty-six years. I've known nothing other than Sir Alex Ferguson really. This is a very strange but exciting time for me. I have solid memories of probably twenty of those years. I've been to many games and I love this club with all of my heart! I feel very blessed to of had this run of football to enjoy. I cannot complain at all.
-It must feel weird going into the season without SAF. Can Moyes, in your opinion, fill his shoes? And do you think united can make the transition from the Ferguson era to a new one smoothly?
I feel like no matter what manager was appointed it was going to be hard to move on from arguably the best manager of all time. A big deal was always going to be made of this. I believe even managers like Ancelotti and Mourinho would go under the microscope at Old Trafford. What we have achieved under Fergie is nothing short of phenomenal. You can't argue with the success SAF brung to us. He built team after team, and kept things fresh, without losing our experience. This can never be underestimated. To live up to this is going to take a miracle. Therefore it's almost a failure for any manager initially. They can't live up to Ferguson.
What should be noted is the time SAF was given to prove himself. It's very important Moyes is allowed the same time and support. The transition I feel will be quite smooth with the team we have and resources available. It's not like we're starting over from scratch. A lot of things are in place for success already. Moyes has everything he needs to kick on and show the world he's no joke. I do see a tougher time coming up for all us United fans - a time where we won't win as much, but we can still have some success. The main thing to remember is - don't expect him to live up to Fergie - he probably can't. I don't even believe anybody can. So, no. I don't think Moyes can fill his shoes, and I'm not expecting him to.
-As united, you're always expected to win the league, but the competition this year looks tougher than it has been for years. How do you rate your chances in retaining your title? And what are your expectations for the team outside the PL?
I expect us to push hard all the way to the end. I do predict a closer fight this year. My feelings are a straight fight between Chelsea and us near the end of the league - before that it's going to be close between three or four teams. As the league becomes tougher though, and more about mentality/team chemistry - rather than just having the best players - Chelsea and us will pull away slightly. Chelsea due to Mourinho's excellent player management and us due to experience. I still think City will fail due to lack of team spirit. They have already lost to Cardiff - their only real goal being a piece of individual brilliance by Edin Dkeo. Yes Negredo did score, but the game was really over in most peoples view then and Silva simply threw a desperate ball into the box... not really City's style.
I feel like we aren't really expected to win it this year though - well not as much as usual. I think you're right there will always be some expectation with us as long as we have good players and a decent manager (at least) I feel like we can win it, but I'm weary of Chelsea, and rightly so I feel. I'm not going to give too much credit, but Jose is the man I would of wanted at United. I won't go into detail about him as there is a question coming up - but we all know he's brilliant. I'd be mad not to fear him winning the league this year. To sum up - I feel we can win it, but it's one of three teams. I kind of ruled out City, but I'm not always right and if it's not us or Chelsea, It'll probably be them.
Regarding the cups - they're actually incredibly stupid. I can't predict it all. All I can predict is that we won't win the FA Cup - Ferguson cursed us for one-hundred years of pain in this competition - I'm sure of it. We should never of disrespected the competition and ruled ourselves out of it. The exception is the Champions League - I think even there it can be a bit dodgy but usually in the end at least one of the best teams make the final. I don't fancy us much this year. I predicted the CL winners last year correctly - this year I haven't decided my pick yet, but it's not us.
-A lot of united fans are frustrated by the lack of business the club has made in the transfer market. What's your take on that? And who would you like to see come in before the window closes?
I'd love to see Fellaini signed. The feeling I get is it's 50/50 on whether we should sign him. A lot of United fans feel he isn't good enough to play for us. I don't agree. He's exactly what we miss in midfield sometimes. It's not just a creative CM that would be ideal to strengthen us, it's also a player like Fellaini. Other than that I'm actually happy - I'm not really a person who sits and waits for signings. I think our team is already very good. I'm not going to lie though - I would be so much happier with two midfield additions.
I do understand our fans frustration though. We have money to spend and it looks like we wont make any additions whilst the other competitive clubs around us add new faces. It can be a slight worry of course. If you stand still in time while other teams better themselves you face the possibility of just that... standing still and being overtaken. The way I look at it is though - we are the champions. The other teams need to improve to catch us. I could argue our team is already strong enough...
-Speaking of transfers, you knew this one was coming: Rooney. What do you make of the whole saga? And what color shirt, do you believe, Wayne will be wearing on September 3rd?
I believe he will be wearing our shirt. I don't really think that it will be his choice though. I actually think he wants to move on - he looks quite unhappy. It's such a difficult one to read, I wish he would just come out and say what he wants and let the world know. One thing is for sure - he's greedy. He won't ask for a transfer 'cause he'll lose his loyalty bonus. Moyes seems to think there is a way to tame him, and I can't argue with this because I don't see him everyday. If it was up to me I would be trying to sell him, and get something good in return. Something that doesn't weaken us and strengthen Chelsea though - that would be pretty suicidal.
-Mata has been rumored to be heading in the other direction in the Rooney deal. Would you like him at Manchester? Do you think he would fit in your squad?
I'd love it. Mata is my favorite player in the PL outside of United. He was the second best player in the league last year in my opinion - is there anything to answer? It's a no brainer. If Mourinho is stupid enough to give us Mata, he might as well gift wrap the title. We surely would find it impossible to lose many PL games with RvP and Mata.
-Our games together always attract huge attention. How important, do you think, is Monday's game to the tittle race? And how important is it for Moyes as his first major game at the club?
It's a massive fixture for sure. At this stage in the season though I don't think you can be calling it too influential. There is so many games to go. For either team a loss is not huge. Going on a run of losses, yes. This one game though in all honesty can go either way and all of us know it. We have the home advantage though, and the fact this is Moyes' first real test. I fancy him to pass it.
-In the opposite dugout, we'll obviously have the special one back. What do you make of Jose Mourinho, in general, and his return to Chelsea in particular?
Mourinho has proven his class all over the world. He's won things in Italy, Spain, here in England and in Portugal. He's a widely adept manager. He knows how to kill games off, and he knows many different tactics. He's almost the perfect manager. I'm not going to lie - I love Mourinho and I always have since his first spell in the PL. His interviews - the way he talks to people - all of it. I was disappointed when we didn't appoint him as our manager. Shit happens though. I think right now at Chelsea, he can look to make himself the dominant manager of the league.
-Apart of Mata, which Chelsea player would you like at Manchester? Why?
I'm honestly not sure. Maybe Hazard, but I don't like his attitude. I think he went to Chelsea simply for more money and I don't like that. In terms of talent it would have to be him though - he's going to be something special with the right effort.
-What kind of game are you expecting? Open with a lot of chances or tight with the odd goal?
Tight. Ideally both of us want the first bragging rights. We know it's not the be all and end all of the season - but it means quite a lot in terms of Moyes vs Mourinho. I think If Chelsea are beaten Mourinho will be quite wounded. I don't think he expects us to beat him. Not really. He is Jose Mourinho after all, and Moyes is useless apparently. It'll be a kick in the teeth to some degree. I think he'll play the Mourinho way - counter attack.I think we will look to let you have the ball, and shut you down if you advance. We did this with Mourinho's Madrid and it worked. I hope Moyes did his homework.
-What formation is Moyes likely to use on Monday? Do you expect many changes from the Swansea game?
I've already commented on this on your forum - however it could go many ways. I don't really feel that comfortable predicting Moyes yet. I'd like to see some sort of 4-3-3/4-5-1. This is to combat the midfield problem. We're weaker there, and we need to shut it down. I hope we'll play Jones and Giggs in there with Carrick, and with their work rates and defensive know how we should do alright.
It could also be a 4-2-3-1. Pretty much what we played at Swansea.Rooney can add a new problem too. Play him or not? I don't know. If I was to include him in the 4-2-3-1 he'd come in probably for Giggs.
I'm really hoping for something sold in Midfield. An extra body. Phil Jones ideally.
-Finally, please predict the scoreline.
2-1 United.
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